10 February 2009

Speaking to Soon, Spiritual Enlightenment

I've been having tremendous anxiety as of late. To alleviate these symptoms I turned to the wise teachings of the Buddhist's of Western Australia, whom I've been following for years, and years to come.

I'm trying to stay in the moment. To rest in peace. Attitude is everything. Ajahn Brahm goes as far as to say to find beauty in the worst of life, like rapists and murders.

I want to be reborn into the heavenly realms. Brahm, says that you have tremendous powers in the heavenly realms, like being able to search for your old friends in all the realms of existence, you're basically a trans, hyper, dimensional being that fly's around all over the place, I think you got a body, you would probably be a purple ghost, with lots of arms and flowing robes, like ten heads, and dance and gyrate all over the universe. I want to be that!

Which leads me to my next contemplation, Nirvana, the cessation of suffering. Buddha, is said to have reached this ultimate bliss. When I think about it, I wouldn't mind not living another human life. I think in this lifetime I can learn everything I want and prefer not to come back and experience this again. I just want to not exist. I want my mind, and spirit to not think of anything anymore. I want to reach the end of experience. I would like to be nothing.

Thats what reincarnation is all about. You keep getting reborn until you figure out what life is about- enlightenment. I guess the more compassionate, and pious you are, that will determine your next life. When I go, I hope to be a heavenly being, than get bored with that after ten thousand years, and go into non existence.


Diego said...
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Albrechto said...

Diego, I think you answered you're own question. The whole point of the reincarnation process is to attain spiritual enlightenment, learn about the mind, and then, when it has ceased to be a mystery, you become at peace and then have no need to go through another life process since you understand what life is about. You have resolved all the things inside you that bother you, and found everlasting peace. You transcend life and all things. You go beyond the ideas and thoughts about life and the what ifs, you just think past it, and have no desire to think about it. its a state of being where you have no thoughts and are fully aware of the entire scope of things. you become one with the cosmos. if you have trouble still in your mind, you will continue to be reborn until you figure out how to have peace.

Diego said...

yeah i know, i just tend to do that sometimes when im unsure about things, especially religion. i gotta figure out a way to not sound so dumb.