30 December 2008

God and the Not Being

In the philosophies of the ancient Orient, like the Tao and Chinese Buddhism, and something I could agree on based upon personal experience, sort of like a shamanistic spiritual possession I came under once, that forever changed my perceptions of life, they never talk about GOD. Buddhism doesn't have a God, nor does the Tao. They have consciousness.

I use God as a name I take in vein. I don't use it to represent the power of the universe of spiritual and material phenomenon.

In those Eastern traditions, they say that the Tao is formless, nameless, but never dry, always consistent the same, unchanging, peace of mind. Its a bottomless well which can never be drained. Its a forever void.

They say the moment you try to name it, or call it something, you lose its fathom. You get further away from the truth, which is that it can not be labeled. Its a thing you have to experience in order to comprehend.

When some one calls it all knowing, like they call God as all knowing, in the East that would refer to all knowing of the self, how this all knowing state is in total realization of its actions, and thoughts to the point where there is no thought because all knowing loses the desire to desire.

Nothingness is infinite.

You can not call Nirvana- God.

God is more of a Christian defined word, and applying the notion of that to Nirvana, the highest state of mind in Buddhism, is not applicable, although, the Christian definition of God would be the state of Nirvana. Although, the Christian Mystics were more apt to the truth, the definitions have been skewed and mangled over all this time, that God is a laudable term to define what was meant by them.

I think, inside your brain, in your DNA, is your true self, or who your biological make up was designed for, based on spiritual, cosmic sensory inclinations. I say cosmic because it seems that your DNA is influenced by past Karma of the world. As if your past life transference of karma, is brought into you present being to take shape and manifest itself in the world, as an antidote for your life time. You are meant to be your true self for the harmony of existence. Karma, whether you look at in on historical influence, or spiritual manifestations, like unseen undercurrents in the ocean of your mind, are simply put, you are what you eat. However, one can assume that in the mostly negative karma that has been transferring and overlapping, that the spiritual undertow of consciousness, brings about its own psychic healers into the world, like a breathe of insight into some persons beings, to influence for the positive, through the persons actions and statements, to bring humanity into a more harmonious state.

Harmony is living within the parallels of existence, to avoid disharmony. Disharmony would be the repression of individual potential to live in accordance with harmony of the 'Way'. Individual potential is self actualization, and abiding by those findings, and carrying out those results to the best of your given ability in order to maintain the Way.

In an mystical experience which profoundly changed my life, an incredible psychedelic journey through the mind, was narrated by an intelligence that already knew what I was meant to be, and basically encouraged me to be me, an artist, to follow your obvious nature and fulfill that experience because if I don't I would not be doing justice in this reality or the spiritual one. I would be letting down, or repressing what this life was allowing for me to reach. It would be like a flower seed, that did not want to blossom because it was not sure if it should or not, and thus would not reach its full potential.

Time was of great importance. There is no time to waste. You have to be your highest potential now. There is definitely a sense of battle between your high potential and the world that resists it. You are brought up in a resistant world, a world that resists itself based upon the outside influences, like instructions brainwashed into you from the outset of your life in these cultures controlled by spiritually corrupted mad men whose goal is to preserve themselves above all else.

There was no mission instructions given to me from this experience, however, I have let it be my mission to work within the faculties of the mind, for they are the most important to any circumstance you are faced with.

What I most enjoy about Ancient Eastern thought is that it is more of a psychological introspection into your actions rather than a stressed, chaotic, confused mentality. I know, I can always look within myself to seek 'change'. I alone, am responsible for undesired actions. And if I so happen to have undesired actions, it will be my own mind to deal with the negative karma trauma, but I should always seek to minimize the extent of my negative impact on affairs so as to not bring my actions into the realm of public trial, essentially meaning I never want to be charged with murder, etc.

So the names given to the states of consciousness that resemble profound, higher, peaceful ways of thinking can be found within your mind, not in heaven, or any other superstitious thinking. They cannot be described in full detail with words and have to be experienced for the self to comprehend. You can reach these states of experience through conversation, trauma, prolonged meditation, research, or in some persons, the use of psychedelic substances, although from my experience, nirvana looks black, no shapes, no forms, just like a black ink well or peace that will never run out of ink to paint with. The present moment is your palette of your existence.

just some thoughts....

63% of People Out of 2,462 Think a Nuclear Event for 2009

Check out the latest poll on http://www.infowars.com/

A Pravda editorial theorizes that the U.S. elite will stage a nuclear attack in order to impose a dictatorship. Do you believe there will be such an event in 2009?

Yes (63%, 1,550 Votes)
No (37%, 912 Votes)

I voted No, that too extreme of a situation. But, if it did happen, you should assume the shadow govt has something to do with this. I think a biological attack would be far worse and maybe the ruthless tactic of the globalists.

I find it strange that so many people are worried about a nuclear attack. Who possibly hates you that much, to bomb you unsuspectingly? Either way you look at, some powerful elitists are the ones provoking such atrocities. We are always merely the fodder of battle while elite bankers and psyops war generals sit in comfort in a castle somewhere having incest orgies, and other psychotic dreamworlds.

Sad but True.

Hopefully, there is no such attack. The threat is diabolical, sinister enough. You never know with these sadistic rulers. How do you kick them out of office? First by kicking them out of your mind.

Analysis of Barack and Michelle Obama on 60mins.

This is the description of the video:
This interview is a dumbed-down cartoon of a fantasy land type country without any issues in a time of peace and happiness where average people can be president of a nation and change the world for the better.

The misguided "hope" and "change" of this election process will last a few months at most.

A space alien picking up on this broadcast might assume that we have free energy, no crime, no war profiteers, and everyone lives in candy houses with sitcom families... I couldn't say it better, thanks Tate

What stands out to me most during this interview and many like it, is the lack of detail, or imagination. The couple is heavily based on routine. Michelle mentions routine several times as if she had been taught some where about having a routine, doing everything by the numbers. "I will teach you, you will learn by the numbers" a command given by the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

Routine, routine, routine, must have routine or I can't think. I can only think until I have a routine. Please instruct me with a routine to follow, I can carry it out.

They are then asked about a dog for the White House. Michelle mentions instructions she gave, or commands she gave for the children to follow about getting a dog. There are many imaginative factors missing in the couples dialogue. For one, the type of dog the children want. If the kids wanted a dog really bad, what kind of dog were they looking to get? What type of dog do the kids like? She goes on and on about a dog, and reiterates the word dog over and over but does not describe the type of dog these educated people are going to get. They give her credentials of being a Harvard Princeton grad, but she can not elaborate on the type of dog her children want.

Barack goes on to say that they are getting many suggestions from people as to what to name the dog, and he does not give any examples of the many dog names people have suggested. Even though he is taking it all under advisement, and does not need the help of specialists to disclose information about the dog.

Michele, after close examination, you can see, only reiterates what has been said. In the beginning of this clip they talk about not being adjusted to the 'change' in lifestyle these seemingly normal people becoming rulers are. She unexpectedly blurts out 'what are you not adjusted to?' as if she is well adjusted, or given proper instruction on how to perform. Barack gives a basic statement, all can be familiar with, 'I can't go for a walk', and Michele loses her train of thought and falls back into trance mode. She has no reply, or any further remark as to walking besides the statement that she doesn't walk and can't relate to that statement because she doesn't walk. They begin to banter about walking. And use the subject, trigger word 'walk' over and over again. As if as long as they continue to mention the trigger word over and over, they are on the same page, on the same set of instruction. They sound mechanical in their speech patterns. As if repetition is comforting. A main brainwashing technique is repetition.

This is as strange as it gets. You got these people that say they are normal people like everybody else. Is that being humble or a distraction? These people speak in a vague manner, with lots of pauses, repetitions, no real defined, passionate course of action or imaginative responses of a vision besides inducing trance like effects on viewers. We all expect him to believe he is the one. What kind of shit is that? I'm the one. We are all individuals, independent thinkers. He on the other hand, tries to make himself sound normal and like everybody else, but why would he have to get a hair cut in an undisclosed location? That's not normal. If he was normal like all the rest of us, no one would care about him, he would be normal like everybody else, no big deal. He knows he is not normal, he has been instructed by many people behind closed doors what to say, taught all kinds of jedi mind tricks to keep people at bay. Think nothing of his statements, just follow along and let me hypontize you. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.

I ain't falling asleep on this one. No one is gonna pull the wool over my eyes. Pay attention to these peoples actions and see the patterns of speech they employ. There is a lot of repetition going on there. Lots of facades of what 'normalcy' is. He claims to be normal, but has no profound imagination. Thus he has no inclining as to heal the world. He seems to be in a position of power to keep the fledgling American's under the tight rule of Big Government, like a spiritual leader with no spiritual powers, telling people he is the one, like Sai Baba.

15 December 2008

A Take on Social Media

This was written by me, on this website: http://www.brentcsutoras.com/2008/12/15/social-media-plain-english/#comment-1440

Besides the technical aspects of social media. The impact upon the consciousness of the individual, and how those individuals function in society are also poignant to the definition of this.

On one hand social media is positive in many ways, but there are darker, more sinister aspects to it as well. Perverts, stalking, identity theft, are among just a few of the growing trends of social media underworlds.

Also, it is not known if the ‘big brother’ is amassing databases of your online activities. It is known that there are demographics that try to predict market trends, but the military intelligence agencies are probably heavily involved with social media research.

So this is a good question, what is social media? On one hand it seems benevolent, but on the other, it may seem to be a breeding ground for information divulging. Where people are becoming more and more uninhibited in what they can announce over this network, causing all kinds of personal psychic self assumptions, most notably, a culture of children that are becoming what I would say, more self absorbed, self centered, self serving, selfish, egotistical persons, that are using the social media to advertise their shallow, superficial traits, rather than developing, and expanding their consciousness with wisdom and intellect. Instead you see a carnal trend on the internet.

Symbols and Transcendence

On the surface this picture depicts organ harvesting, the impetus of this was not to describe that scenario, but meant to express psychic phenomenon.

This is a cryptic, sub conscious communication. If anybody can solve it you get the prize! just kidding you ain't gettin shiit. jk. Seriously there is no physical prize. However you may feel awarded the pleasure of lubricating your brain.

It just doesn't do anything for me, haha, thats a good argument when critiquing art. maybe you could have used some more placenta imagery or fried bacon.

Speaking in metaphors can be like speaking in tongues. On one hand you're channeling psychic insights, while on the other you are confusing the interpreter. Perhaps this is the mental state the art wants a person to be put in. Not to disregard imagery, the imagery plays a heavy role in interpretation, however those thoughts conjured up are subjective to the interpreter.

I don't talk to close minded people. Sometimes, when you converse with someone, and they are very stubborn in their view points, its no use trying to debate with that type of person. They have other psychological problems that impede on them from having an intellectual exchange.

By doing this drawing, I was able to heighten my experience, perhaps ephemerally, in understanding the psychic process of metaphorical communication, to be more aware, conscious of the healing ability of art, art therapy.

I was feeling down and out at the beginning of this drawing but at some point in the process, my emotions began to turn positive and I started to enjoy the communication. Safety was a high motivational factor in this piece. Like a secret language. A top secret form of communication, something military intelligence would like to utilize.

What good is this type of communication? perhaps that is why it is far removed from ordinary, rudimentary conversation.

For me, its like a swirling state of thoughts, a feeling that mimics the Milky Way, where infinite thought is at the center of the galaxy, the black hole, in the mind is pure consciousness, and the arms of the galaxy that rotate around the axis of the center. That is what my mind feels like, the way the Milky Way looks.

Perhaps being indigenous to this galaxy you are predisposed to having a mind that identifies with its habitat. There are some other fascinating galaxies out there that I identify with as well.

Thinking symbolically allowed me to transcend unfavorable mental qualities I was experiencing, into favorable assets. Turning a negative into a positive. Lead into gold. Mental Alchemy.

11 December 2008

The Youth, Adult and Social-Media Technology

The camera, from the first pictures to digital photo taking, mixed with file sharing, and networking, has altered the perceptions of age in modern human.

The NSA are at the gates of Heaven, when you die, the record on file of all your online activity and credit/debit transactions will be on hard drives of hundreds of terabytes of your history in the system. I can only imagine the amount of terabytes of information the NSA keeps on file of your use of the internet in a secret network database. Information such as every website you visited, details within that, how long you spent on the site, the links you click on, probably store all the cookies and passwords on your browser to their system to recreate your exact performance.

The ultimate goal of man is to find the perfect companion.

Besides the cell phone, the digital consumer grade camera, has had one of the most profound impacts on the sociocultural influences on modern man.

The camera is a superficial instrument that has the ability to capture in varying grades of clarity, the most accurate reproductions of actual witnessed phenomenon.

Never has the ability of most men, to witness their lifetime before their very eyes easily.

A person can for example, upload photographs of himself over decades of time, and one can flip through them leisurely compared to the lifetime of experience taken to travel from moment to moment being captured at any one instant point in time consecutively during that time frame.

Youth has never been a prevalent aspect of the growing consciousness of modern man.

A person is able to see himself consciously stored for himself to see, including many others, even anonymously to view the photographs.

Adults want to feel like a youth, and the youth identify themselves with adult qualities. Sometimes without having the perspective of maturity, instead based on the physical attributes of a person.

This affects the self image of a person's ego complex.

A strength of reason is needed to face the sociological standards of youth and beauty.

More and more persons are becoming anxious of their appearance on a more frequent basis than ever before.

A person having a scope to study themselves outwardly will inevitably have impact in their interpersonal make up. just as make up is applied topically, the make up of ones psychic life will have to cope with the new media technology.

Currently youth is the most prized of human characteristics. However, most consider youth to be a naive, immature, physical trait. Youth though physical, the attractiveness of personality is based on the timeless quality of an individual, rather than over compensation of outward identifying, materialistic things, but an internal fountain of timelessness.

With all the psychic bombardment of the new and adjusting internet, media sharing of individual experiences, people put themselves up for scrutiny, praise, and above all attention to the public world.

Sooner or later, it is most likely that what a person does online will reflect the life that the person is living, and like a movie that you watch in heaven when your life is flashing through your eyes as you say good bye to this existence, in the upload of a web page on a standard internet computer, one has at his disposal his selected media documented lifestyle online.

The repercussions of higher self awareness has not taken full esteem to many individuals, especially the immature, or the daring.

Today I can't list the entire spectrum of human activity that is impacted by the social media we perceive, but I am sure that this has many direct connections to our psychic awareness of life.

Youth wants to be independent and free, to the point of immaturity, while the adult wants to be like what the youth look like, and that would be immature.

This is probably a sexual preference if anything.It has less to do with substance of character, but more with desiring often unattainable sexual attractive characteristics of the common person.

People desires are perverted by the standards set forth by the politically engineered media, then express their derangement over a 6 degrees of separation internet, for many other individuals to take in.

What are we becoming? Right now I think we should be weary of the youth. Teach the youth well, because the youth are eager to approach mastery and skill, yet, when lacking sufficient training and expertise of a qualified role model, a person can defect to shallow impulses, a world of psychic abandonment. Life is suffering, it is up to a person to regulate the psychic trauma of suffering, this is mastery, maturity.

People will watch themselves grow up online.

By uploading your pix you are going to demonstrate your transfiguration's of not only topical performance, most of all, your psychic perception of the moment. there is no video tape long enough to record every moment of your life, but it comes close, and you could be sure that the NSA has a record of your every online move.

Even with the presence of this outward perceiving media, a all seeing God like presence, it is within the individual that wisdom, self evaluation, introspection will be vital to the expansion of consciousness to become more in harmony with the Way.

08 December 2008

MK-Ultra, 2009 acrylic on panel

My next project is going to be a painting on the covert mind and behavioral experiments conducted by the CIA starting in 1947, using the famed truth syrum, LSD, electro shock therapy, brainwashing, depatterning of the brain, hypnosis, double agents, sex slaves, trauma bonding, radiation exposure, assassins with no recollection of their deed, manchurian candidates, electro frequencies to alter mood, cleaning the brain out of all information, and so much more inhumane experiments all in the name of national security.

MK-Ultra is an umbrella term for many top secret experiments to control the mind, and behaviors of individuals. I think, and others too it can be assumed, that from these studies of the human central nervous system and psychology, that our current social order, of teeny bopper tv, pop culture, mainstream politics, and all other forms of social control propagated through almost every facet of media pumped from the huge corporate entities, to make you buy their view of reality.

In this painting I'm going to illustrate sequences of experiments, and write a caption to them. The center of the painting will be an iconic illustration of an anterior cross section of the human brain, possibly with spinal cord attached.

At the bottom of the spinal cord is going to be a conglomerate of pop culture, brain washing propaganda, that all stems from the research done in MK Ultra umbrella projects.

The borders of the painting will be surrounded by portraits of key scientists with a blurb about what kind of work they done, juxtaposed with CIA leaflets.

Currently I am refreshing my memory on this subject that has interested me for over a year. I feel that his piece will be very important and imminent to these trying times. I plan to start painting at the turn of the new year and work on it diligently for 6-8 weeks. The piece will be 24x36in, painted in acrylic with little brushes, #0-4 liners.

This entire month of December is going to be spent researching MK Ultra. I don't have time to read many of the books written on the subject, but I will be getting my information from articles and videos found online. So far so good.

I like this process better than many other of my projects that where I paint and research at the same time. I'm taking a lot of notes and using the snipping tool to capture information from websites. I constructed the template of the composition, layout of the piece. I want to start painting, but am going to hold out and focus on research and blogging, among other things I always wanted to know but never had the time to focus on.

Group Think

Group think is when a majority of individuals agree on something, no matter how absurd, an individual within the group that thinks differently becomes afraid to dissent even though in his mind he knows that he is being misled, to avoid the discomfort of not going along with the group.

I think our current times reflect the group think mentality. This psychological phenomenon has been widely studied since the mid '50's and surely, the knowledge gained in this field of study, combined with other covert mind control experiments from the Cold War era, have been transferred into our current cultural identity marketing.

Here is a reenactment of Solomon Asch Group think experiment.

In the same experiment, when the dissenter had an ally, the likely hood of dissenting rose and stood up to the group.

It would be too easy to apply group think into our current scenario, but the obvious should not be avoided. Going along can have severe consequences. One of which is when going along with a group that is wrong, that action condemns those who are not in agreement with the false ideology.

Negative group think condemns the marginalized individual's.

Have a nice day!

Think for yourself, question authority.

If you really want to know, find out.

07 December 2008

The Beast

The system is the Beast. It has tentacles in another dimension of dark matter. In this reality it is a network of information systems keeping track of your every move so you don't escape it.

The Beast feeds on your emotions and your hard work. It is a psychic vampire and tyrant.

You only live until you are 18, then the Beast rears its ugly head and starts dragging you down with it.

All good people get hurt by it.

The Beast wants for you to not reach your greatest potential, it grows stronger by feeding your children to it.

The Beast will find you where ever you go, it will come with henchmen dressed in ACUs, body armor, night vision goggles, armor piercing rifles, tear gas, and hand cuffs and no souls.

These soulless henchmen have no thoughts yet weep for each other. They have the keys of power to repress and think nothing of it. They serve their higher power blindly, and oppose all those that try to corrupt it with wisdom.

The near future will appear uneventful, that is because humanity that has been repressed will rise from the ashes, the chains of tyranny, and expose the dark side of the moon, with the globe of light the star sun is.

The Beast must be captured and slayed immediately, or many beloved brethren will be consumed.

This is a psychic war most of all. Positive Psychic phenomenon will end killing in the name of suspicion, hatred, and anonymity.

Positive psychic action must be taken to defeat this brutal, savage beast. Do not consume the fodder of positivity they provide you, but learn it from stillness, the close perception of thoughts. Do not follow the magic of the Beast's charms, for the Beast is the system, the establishment, which is corrupted.

The system of banking is founded on nothing but harnessing the contracts of bodies owing much of nothing on a false promise of liberty- manipulating, capturing, and repressing, in much that same order, reverse and forever back and forth.

The Beast will sacrifice a brethren dissident to show its power over your lives.

Anybody in the Cabinet of the Presidency should not be trusted and upheld to scrupulous standards more than the average man, for they should not be there, in our minds in the first place, and for them to rank, and reign over, to preside the course of our communal era, should be detained, imprisoned, tarred and feathered.

If the electricity is cut out in the cities because there is no power to keep them running, if the food is not in stock at the markets, if the money does not buy the proper cost of living to income earned, hearts of the people will be broken, many cries will be heard in the dead of night, while helicopters swarm above imposed curfew, and armored personal carriers drive through the neighborhoods making sure no unrest develops.

That is why there will never be war on US soil. Unrest will be dealt with ahead of time. There will be no chance to battle them on their terms, much as it is in the way with repressing psychic fighting, but that is the war that the individual is most powerful in, if he develops his ability to make order out of chaos without the aid of biblical texts, mutilated passages of the law. Instead, go to the origins, the history and reevaluate the circumstances in order to give sufficient critique of the ways of the world, such a process would take no longer than a few years of soul searching and right mental practice. Observe with scrutiny the ways of the world and decipher them with imagination, but do not lose sight of the damage caused by the Beast.

Instead build from scratch, like when taking on a new project, use the existing fortitude to construct a masterpiece, a solid construction, with the foresight of past failure and continual maintenance to ensure its stability, and proper upkeep for many generations to thrive off us. Provide the future with guidelines which to grow off of like a fruit plant needs.

I live in a world of double sided coins. The flick of a dime, nickel, quarter lands on the rotations of debate from many databases of information gathered through microcosms of experience. When the face lands on any side, you are faced with the rationale of problem solving capacity which works under many circumstances. There maybe no way to truly know the repercussions of devices implemented to fix a problem, but the guiding force of thoughts must be harnessing the perceptions of Buddha Consciousness.

Almost any agreeable doctrine can be fit to the Teachings of Buddha. Call it whatever you want, but for right now, the way to research the knowledge is by the name Buddha, but you will find that the name given has nothing to do with the wisdom provided. Calling something like Buddhism by a name, tarnishes its reputation, and do not let the names of things tarnish the luster of the wisdom. React to the information not the bias of the name.

more next time!

02 December 2008

War PsyOps (Psychological Warfare)

This would be the trade I would most likely be involved in if I were to be in the military.

My interest in this comes from claims that the CIA would drop blankets of hand sized bills, leaflets, with messages trying to incite violence and upheaval, to cowardice, fear and surrender to a target population.

The leaflets could be plain text or have images. Check out some the pix yourself, these are great artworks in my opinion.

The image from the video game, Call of Duty 4, of lots of charred papers in the atmosphere sears itself into my mind of a modern war zone.

Both sides of the combatants use leaflets to send messages to each others forces. Or, the CIA may be involved and puts out leaflets to make enemy combatants think their own forces are speaking to them, perhaps carrying a message of surrender, Allah has spoken.

Psyops encompasses not only written and visual sensory targets, about also auditory senses. After a bombing in Iraq, cacophonous sounds of high pitched squealing pigs, babies crying, and taunts would be projected over loudspeakers.

In the film Apocalypse Now Redux, psyops is utilized in the scenes where Kilgore plays over loudspeakers, Ride of the Valkyrie, as the Air Cav heads to the "harry" Charlie controlled village. The music continues as the assault on the village takes place.

Remember the bringing down of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad during Op. Iraqi Freedom? Turns out that was a staged event. Even the beloved MSNBC ran a report on the staging of the toppling of the statue to get a response from the Iraqi people, and the American's at home watching thinking victory was occurring.

Psyops doesn't stop on the battlefield, its happening in almost every American's home everyday, for many decades. Instead of leaflets, the entertainment industry, Hollywood, etc, is all geared towards evoking a desired response from the population.

30 November 2008

Futurology: Human Knowledge and Limitations

I discovered this website, kept by Brian Holtz, http://humanknowledge.net, who is software engineer, and "EcoLibertarian, atheist, modal realist, extropian". I, for one, admire his work, and is the premier basis of some of my hopes, especially in his prediction that "almost all overt forms of tyranny will be eliminated" by the year 2020, thanks to the internet information revolution.

He also states that 2040 is the year this will happen as well, but I rather hear 2020.

Tyranny, oppression, is the primary enemy to human advancement. Once the mind is liberated from the psychic oppression, will the people be able to move on to better things like "bodily flight suits" by 2030, by 2200 enfranchising artificial life, and intelligence.

Without clairvoyance, one can sense that communication through the internet, to spread novel ideas, that will expand the mind, enhance the intelligence, and strengthen the imagination, to be skeptical, to be more self empowered, to have higher powers of criticism.

Right now, the critical thinking ability of the vast majority of individuals varies from the traditional arts of science, philosophy, politics, etc, to secular beliefs in history as brought to you by typical sources of information; the New Testament, functioning within the Federal Reserve System, abiding by the Laws of Court System, there is little to no broad spectrum of associations with the vast world of thought that is occuring and of the past to piece together a cohesive world view. Instead, the world view is shaped by what is already in place, some of the things I just mentioned, plus horrid amounts of technocratic mind control devices.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings. The youngest being 13. We are speparated by 3 years, I am 25 tomorrow. One brother, closest in age to me, 21, seems to be catching on to ideas that I've been interested in. He is a corporate employee, who is concerned about the future of his company, which he has been very grateful for providing job security to him. He has been exposed to Alex Jones, and his mentality is quickly evolving into a skeptical, critical take on the mechanisms of what runs the world.

My second brother in age, 17, is a public high school student who is very apathetic to the education system. He is highly aware of the negativity of the current imposed system of rule. His attitude towards life though seems to be regulated slightly by current institutionalized forms of current ego shaping media, ie, the latest 'pop' fashion. Given that we all have gone through such trends growing up, we are no need to over compensate for this psychic phenomenon, but still we must pay close attention to the fashion to pick up on any new psychic trends. However, I feel my brother has a healthy scrutiny of the establishment, and should be capable of developing healthy wisdom.

My only sister, 13, is a split between libertarian thinking, and corporate controlled teeny bopper fashion. In her social development during her teenage years in the public education system, and her own growing, flourishing self awareness, she is going to have to cope with her transition into woman hood. Right now, the corporate, technocratic hold of her vision of herself has a strong influence on her current obsessions. They are very materialistic, but when her maturity increases, I think she will wise up fast, and fully take hold of the damaging effects of the technocratic establishment.

With this pattern of generations, it is apparent to me that the proceeding generations are a toss up when it comes to who has greater influence over the morality of these future commanders of Earth.

To say that overt tyranny will be eliminated by 2020 is fair to assume, and possibly a more generous time table can be outlined. I think that the consciousness of the people is changing, and it is important that the current generation, the mid 20-70 year old population to excersise their mental elasticity to better ensure a more navigatable world for the proceeding generation. To establish, a welcoming, imagiantive, assertive, strong mental fortitude, showing that any human can posses strong abilities beneficial to the community, promoting harmony and accord with wisdom, especially that of the Tao.

Peace and harmony is heartedly envisioned in the Tao, for this work explains that a healthy individual interior, is the first and foremost part neccessary for a harmonious, functioning community.

My trouble is, how do I explain the Tao without seeming esoteric? How do I get rid of the bias of the Tao being a religious, or some dated Chinese fu man chu, quiet idiot? For me, the trouble I been having in explaining the great work of the Tao is its religious connotation. When you speak of the Tao, its like talking about the bible, and people hate the bible right now. Or people who love the New Testament, wouldn't be able to allow themselves to relate themselves to the Tao.

If the Tao was read, and studied with care, and consideration, than maybe, will its great teachings be put into practice. More great minds need to come out and promote the Tao.

The Tao and Buddhism are my definative intellectual reasoning capacities. I think I can function greatly in a world, I lend that to my study and pursuit of the teachings found in these great philosophies.

With that said, I think that the internet will be a great instrument of spreading wisdom and the benefits of such mentality, that the Tao will inevitably be involved there, because the Tao is the "Way" of harmony. So if there is harmony, there will be the teachings of the Tao.

It will take another decade to enhance the perceptions of enough minds to make a great impact on the the New World Order. Deal the final blow to the NWO. These minds are rare right now, but there are a lot of minds that are near the breaking point of facing off with the technocratic tyranny that has been devistating individuals for many decades.
The mind is an ancient, timeless spirit.

27 November 2008

Artist Rendition of Mumbai Terrorist

This is going off a couple of hints at what the terrorist's look like.
Black shirt, blue jeans, a hood, and carrying ak47s plus hand grenades.

Evidence Mumbai Attackers were Anglo-American Intel Operatives

Kurt Nimmo
November 27, 2008

As a BBC report notes, at least some of the Mumbai attackers were not Indian and certainly not Muslim.

Pappu Mishra, a cafe proprietor at the gothic Victorian Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, described “two sprightly young men dressed in black” with AK47s who were “foreign looking, fair skinned.”

Gaffar Abdul Amir, an Iraqi tourist from Baghdad, saw at least two men who started the firing outside the Leopold Cafe. “They did not look Indian, they looked foreign. One of them, I thought, had blonde hair. The other had a punkish hairstyle. They were neatly dressed,” Amir told the BBC.

Other “men walked into the cafe, drank beer, settled their bills and walked out. Then they fished out guns from their bags and began firing.” Muslims do not drink alcohol, that is unless they are Muslims like Marwan Al-Shehhi and Mohamed Atta, who reportedly not only liked to drink but enjoyed lap dances by topless dancers as well before they supposedly hijacked planes and flew them into buildings.

Even though these firsthand accounts indicate the attackers were white, drank alcohol and displayed the steely and professional reserve of trained military men, the emerging story carried by the corporate media blames the attacks on al-Qaeda and specifically Lashkar-e-Taiba, one Arab and the other Asian. “A terrorist group with training camps in Pakistan and strong ties with al-Qaeda as well as a history of mounting attacks in India yesterday became the chief suspect behind the atrocities,” reports the Times Online, pointing to Lashkar-e-Taiba.

As the Times Online admits, Lashkar-e-Taiba is a creation of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. It “receives considerable financial, material and other forms of assistance from the Pakistan government, routed primarily through the ISI. The ISI is the main source of LeT’s funding. Saudi Arabia also provides funds,” explains the South Asia Terrorism Portal. Lashkar-e-Taiba “also played a part in the ISI organized ‘Bosnian campaign against the Serbs,’ which was directed above the ISI by the CIA and British intelligence.”

According to Andrew G. Marshall, the ISI “has long been referred to as Pakistan’s ’secret government’ or ’shadow state.’ It’s long-standing ties and reliance upon American and British intelligence have not let up, therefore actions taken by the ISI should be viewed in the context of being a Central Asian outpost of Anglo-American covert intelligence operations.”

The presence of “foreign looking, fair skinned” commandos who calmly gunned down dozens of people after drinking a few beers indicates that the Mumbai attacks were likely the work of the Anglo-American covert intelligence operatives, not indigenous Indian Muslims or for that matter Arab al-Qaeda terrorists. The attacks prepare the ground for the break-up of Pakistan and the furtherance of destabilizing terrorism in the Middle East and Asia. The Mumbai attacks had little to do with India or the relationship between Muslim Pakistanis and Hindu Indians.

“Pakistan’s position as a strategic focal point cannot be underestimated. It borders India, Afghanistan, China and Iran,” concludes Marshall. “Destabilizing and ultimately breaking Pakistan up into several countries or regions will naturally spread chaos and destabilization into neighboring countries. This is also true of Iraq on the other side of Iran, as the Anglo-American have undertaken, primarily through Iraq, a strategy of balkanizing the entire Middle East in a new imperial project.” (See Marshall’s Divide and Conquer: The Anglo-American Imperial Project.)

It is no mistake, as well, that Barack Obama has called for action against Pakistan. “If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will,” Obama said last August.

Regardless of who occupies the White House, the global elite are determined to continue their agenda of violence and murder in order to realize order through chaos. Obama and the Democrats will spend the next four years blaming George W. Bush for what the neocons have done while making sure the same destructive policies remain in effect. It is a shell game. George Bush and Barack Obama control nothing, they are little more than front men for the New World Order.

25 November 2008

Trigger Happy, The Art of War, or the Warrior Within

Say what you will, but the spirit of the warrior is prevalent part of the nature of the universe.

I heard that even the Buddha was for standing armies, just in case they are needed to be called upon to defend truth and justice.

So I encourage the armed forces, being a soldier. Taking the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

What I don't like is how the Chain of Command uses the armed forces for false wars. I haven't heard of a war the USA has fought that was justified. There aren't many wars in history that stand out as being justifiable, humanitarian wars.

One seems like it is waiting to happen. All across the United States, a diverse geography, with different personalities, cultures, sub cultures, are all being threatened by the constricting choke of the government.

The warrior is not a person of low intellect. A person of high intellect and moral altruism is concerned with defending his liberty, family, and property.

An army will never be able to invade the United States. They can drop nukes and do damage that way to rid the earth of American fighters, however any type of manned invasion will not be able to occupy this land.

It is said that "All of the strength of the US military and many mercenaries can't control an area the size of the Carolina's with less than 20mil people",Libertytreeradio, youtube subscriber.

Another problem evident in the soldier status is the machismo, the blind following of the latest trend in patriotism. Trends of patriotism in American culture are found in the propaganda. Since we have a volunteer based armed force, there must be a convincing, self-preservation, honorable motive to be a soldier of the national army.

Today the national armed forces is seeing the low recruit levels causing an outbreak of recruiters to commit suicide because failing to meet status quo. Also, I might add, there is an alarming trend of suicide among active military personel.

In the propaganda today used to lure new recruits, is video games, from first person shooters such as Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and many more, the objective of most of these games to achieve victory, and have the most kills. Primarily the more kills one attains the more rewarded the player is in the game.

A lot of Hollywood mainline, action, thriller flix promote the perspective of the federal agents, the American soldiers, all just doing their job, investigating the terrorist, but no real self examination. No one asks why there is evil and crime in this world, all they know is they got to eliminate enemy combatants.

Today's new recruit is hungry for a kill. Being desensitzed to manslaughter, to being accustomed to using more force than necasssary, to kill or be killed, to no negotiations, to bombing suspected terrorist hide outs, to going off any intelligence, hiding behind the veil of the chain of command, killing in the name of some distant king, monarch, up on his thrown, taking the blame for a little collateral damage here and there. Its all neccassary for victory.

The youth of the nation are being tempted with the allure of crimson rivers, body parts, piles of kills, like trophies, a bunch of trigger happy, narrow minded agitated, maniacal aggressors.

Don't get me wrong, I am an advocate for the armed forces. I just wish they had more spiritual training, and excersized higher moral capacity.

Today the US armed forces are not known as peace keepers, but obliterators. They say the US is the worlds most powerful armed force, which can crush an enemy, but that reputation is given to us because of the damage, the deadly ferocity this nations armed forces implement. The US is feared for being savage destroyers.

I would rather be known as a sleeping giant. Some one you don't mess with because they are a powerful, honorable warrior, not be known as a tyrant, a short tempered mad man.

So be warned law enforcement that would act out martial law. The citizens of the United States are not the push overs of Nazi Germany, a whole lot of people here will raise hell if hell is brought to them.

If one person uses his weapon, and his neighbor hears it, sees it, he will pick up and load his. Then all hell will break loose. There will be hundreds of isolated incidents.

I think the war planners know this, thats why they are trying to win the psyop war and control the population under big government to still use the bodies of US citizens in other forms. The war planners know they can't win an open assualt on the citizens, so they have to figure out other ways to control and maintain the population. More on that next time.

For now though, the soldier is an honorable being, one who is drawn to tenacious rigors, one who is a brother of man, a respectable entity, a servicemen of peace, one who will fight intelligently with aggression against a hostile opponent, to defend the peace of his people, to fight for the greater good of life. However, this man is being led astray, being sickened with bloodlust, being desensitized to hatred and murder. Having been brought up in a sick culture of one sided partiotic propaganda trends, the modern soldier is losing sight of the truth and justice he should be fighting for. Not to worry though, the good in these men is being brought out and is coming to light, for instance the Veterans Against the War in Iraw movement who want a withdraw and end to the violence in the middle East.

As always, the world will turn good, we just got to spread the word of peace and open mindedness, or mindfulness. Be warriors of the laws, harmony of the universe. Solve problems with compassion, brute force and aggression to be saved as a last resort.

Psychology: Debate of the Signifigance of the Brain and Mind

I'm not the best versed in the entire spectrum of the many theories of psychology.

So what I'm about to put out here might be redundant, but its something, none the less, that I want to sort out for myself, perhaps say something pertinent to this thing called life.

What is this experience we call Life?
Is this experience the result of a complex system of organic structures working together to produce sophisticated organisms that can think, ponder their own existence, or is our consciousness the highest form of thought that can possibly be achieved in the grand scale of all eternal forms of matter?

Is our biological organism, a transdimensional portal, gateway to a life force that extends eternally throughout all space and time continuum? How is that possible?

If that is so, than there will never be an artificial intelligence that is as perceptive or thought provoking as a genuine, life born consciousness. Nor will a clone, a replica of a body, have the same personality as that of the original. A spiritual clone does not, nor cannot exist. There is no mirror image of personality. The personality is a stream of consciousness, how can it be duplicated exactly if its connections are random?

What RAM does a mind function at? Does our brain have enough RAM to interpret the highest consciousness ultimo?

How does an organism, such as a human being, who by far, is the only being capable of expressing his/her experience of this reality, have access to a gateway, an internal 'mind' that is pervasive throughout all that is?

What makes this possible? What in our detail, give us in microscopic introspection, a capacity to be secretly involved with an eternal, vast endless universe of capacity for, if anything, peace?

You see, a corpse is an organism which has ceased all life functions, thus has no connection to the eternal void of inner life- its mind has been lost, but has it lost its

Does a brain dictate the capacity to have perceptual experience or is the brain a transcriber of the true nature of the mind?

Does the brain program perception, or does the brain try to decipher the mind?

Does the mind know more than the brain? Does the mind know what the brain is, and is trying to use the brains capabilities to explain what the mind is?

So the question is what is the mind? If I am a mind, and like I said, I am a mind trying to tell me brain how to think and provide information, than what is the purpose, the goal of the mind? Thus, I alone, must have that answer, if not I would not be a mind, nor a brain for my mind to utilize.

Here is my attempt at answering my own question, what is the mind, what is it good for, what do i do with it now that I am here and have it?

For me, the mind is a transdimensional portal, a stargate, an access to all dimensions, and is not only the space outside the skin of the perceiver, but also everything inward, and as far as one can tell, what is within has no limit, no bottom, no floor- it is free space.

That does not answer the question, but the mind is a sentiment, it is a cosmic consciousness, it is a all understanding tool of emotional reasoning, and constructive imagination.

A mind, innately knows of good behavior and negative behavior, but will decide to act negatively if there is no immediate threat to its well being. So a person can and would indulge in negative behaviors if it is not disciplined.

So what than, of the mind being a consciousness that can ignore its signifigance of positive actions in lieu of sinister ones.

Perhaps that is why positive actions, result in positive return, and why negative actions perpetuate negative assumptions and moods.

So the ones that engage in continuous negative behavior have deep, unsettling moods, that cause turmoil and the like. So these beings, that dwell in such karma have little good karma, and will live lives that are unfulfilled no matter of all the stereotypical life achievements they have garnered.

That is a social engineered perception, possibly not one of the mind. The mind is a great gift of capacity to formulate and orchestrate any number of imaginable things, including structures to cause harm to itself, for the greed of individuals.

So is it the that is evil, or is it the brain? Is the mind inherently malignant, or is the organism in behold of the limitless capacity to conceive thoughts corrupting the nature of the mind? Does the brain, in its organic, instinctual roots have genetic codes that make it inclined to self indulgent, negative behavior.

Life is suffering, death, sickness, pain, the like are part of this reality. But the question is, is something in our genetics predisposed to the liking of sins? If so, can these be conditioned out? What measures would be used to condition these out?

My answer would be, that it is unknown where the origins of evil stem from, they are mostly thought based, thoughts are derived from known circumstances, thus thoughts that pervade over time, pass from person to person, generation over generation, are like a virus, or some sort of sickness.

Negative actions do not feel good. Positive actions are more palpable to peace, and harmony. Thus, one can conclude that evil is not a natural state of being, as that state of being is punished horrendously by the higher faculties of consciousness.

Thus, evil is a lower state of being, not fulfilling innate potential of the mind, that is ready to be called upon for duty.

What is thinking with the mind? What is thinking with the brain?

I think thinking with the mind is the most open way of comprehending. While thinking with the brain is a firewall of conditioning, similar to Pavlov's dog experiments. Where a human in all its capability and potential, cannot be limited to the standards of an animal unless it is trained to be an animal. I think a human is on one level a biological organism that does organic things to maintain its life, but beyond that I think the human has a direct connection to the ultimate, highest levels of consciousness that we are being kept from, by our socially engineered culture of experience. We are being kept in low states of life, because our leaders that govern us do not want us to raise to our own potential because that would mean that their power they have been enjoying for so long is gone, and that would make them the low form of consciousness, rather than being esteemed as the masters of the world, when in truth, humans, without the preconditioning software, like a operating system that may not be utilizing the full potential of the hardware of a computer, in such a way, have the connection to being a harmonious, resilient organism, in tune with the divine nature of this thing called life.

24 November 2008

The Internet Exists Within You, Me, Life, Us

Within us is the internet.

God my head hurts right now, but i won't let that stop me from saying a few words.

First off, visual dyslexia. I thought that was a good way to describe whats been happening to me. I see things first as identifiable shape shifting forms. Words and letters forget about it, I read the first few words of the beginning of a sentence, or a paragraph, or paragraphic, that is, the entire form of a body of text, and pick it a part for eye catching phrases. Then I will read around the area, and try to put things together as a puzzle, and then refine, by going through a mo, modis operandi, (sp) that is, questioning my own self, to see if my perceptions are correct, and if i can experience more sensitively to the stimulus, will i in fact, be a stream of consciousness,of the fastest speed of stream of consciousness is only dictated by our physical reality. or are the possibilities are so endless that you grow in feeble, to not obsess with reality but what your mind constructs within itself, maybe never achieving its actual goal, but the pursuit of it, will be the everlasting symptom of life on earth.

as we see it now, there is no telling what is being done here. I almost want to know, to peek behind the curtain, i bet you would see insanity breeding behind the castle walls, in the deep recess's in the temple.

Its not that far of a stretch of the imagination to think, hypothetically, that some of these things people are saying, that a secret kabal of international banking systems, are at the very top guided by a handful of people dealing with world affairs, and be some of the most diabolical beings on earth? like this is a big game of chess, where some people, are plotting, and enjoying with evil, literally evil, not like positive and negative extremes, i'm thinking like pure hell, corrupted by an insane amount of power.

there is a specific destination they are tying to take the world. enough on that.

all i wanted to say, was that my sensitivity has grown lately, maybe this shall pass, as they say, all things shall pass; i been noticing that i been mistaking forms for other forms, mostly forms that get a rise out of me, like thinking an alien, or a reptilian shapeshifter is behind me, or in my peripheral, you know, the corner of your eye. almost a stream of consciousness to the point where all is shapeshifting. nothing is definate, not even a table or a chair, its all animated, like a fine animation movie, where it has that shimmer, the endearing human touch to things, comforting like being with a mother or father. something, that plays in realtime, the intentions over a long period of time, of the animator, some sort of mind force, that you find in artist Don Hertzfeld. I think his films are great, i've been unlucky to not have seen his latest films, but his films have told me some pretty deep insights, and they are all one stream of pages, its all follow through.
joe coleman, i can't wait to see one of his paintings in real life. i bet it won't be for another ten years. i don't think he would like my work right now. he has done a lot of intense work, i'd be afraid to show him my stuff. so i kind of hope its ten years from now. its like i'm trying to avoid the worst. no, on seconded thought, i think he would see that i'm just starting, i got a long way to go, he been painting i think for over 30 years, maybe 40 yrs. thats a long as time, you can learn a lot in that amount of time, and you kind of chill, you become in sync with your life fulfillment. you realize to accept life as what you know life to be, a kaliediscope of universes, like the this here internet. the internet as a metaphor for the nature of life.

okay, so here is my big idea for the some awesome art. light art. it would be like synesthesia, where there would be a interface like a table, with a glass surface, 16x24in on surface. and that would be your canvas, you would draw on it and depending on where you place the stylus, and the sensitivity of touch, alters the value, thickness,

basically something that can read your stream of conscience and you being able to draw, animating, project your exact mental activity into a receptive environment going at the same speed your mind is at.

this version i'm thinking would be a set of programmed capabilities, and a palette at ones disposal of a memory bank of high quality events that would enhance the meaning of the art piece.

anyways, i thought that that is what movies and paintings are already.

sorry for wasting your time! jk until next time

18 November 2008

Schizo Nation Redux

Karie, I like the research you gone into for the piece I did, Schizo Nation, 2008, cprint. I did it on the computer at 300dpi in photoshop elements 5.0. I use a Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen, with pressure sensitivity on.
The meaning of it is on one level meant to parallel the revolution of information dispersion of the first printed words and images, specifically the career of Albrecth Durer's, especially the very first known prints he did, from when he was an apprentice doing work for a master printer.
Durer's ultimate master I think is God. I think it is because God was the trusted source of knowledge at the time, and something you trust you want express.
Today, digital media has thrown into question the longstanding accepted notions of what is reality, has affected a large enough mass of the minds of the people, to have a global awakening revolution. Hieghtened self awareness, of blogs, social networking sites, vblogs, twitter, google, youtube, photosharing, bit torrents, hackers have bred a breeding ground for self awareness as anonymity. With a move from the tradition of the television as the primary source of knowledge basis, now with a search engine, you can see for your self if there is knowledge, truth of a myth.
I don't know if Durer was aware of the secret society of illuminati, the brilliant ones. But if you look at his engraving, Meloncholia I, I think in 1516yr. There are many symbols like a compass and square, the truncated cube, the magic square, that are symbols of the secret society the Freemason's. I'm even sure if they exist, but at heart I don't think the fraternity was a negative force. I think it was a positive humanitarian organization but over time it was taken over by darker sects of people with some sort of agenda to rule the world. A lust for domination has developed. I think there are many secret societies throughout the world that are all in alignment, with the same agenda.
For my immediate sociocultural perspective the primary secret society of the illuminati is the Freemason's but I think the Bilderberger's, and the Bohemian Grover's are the more secretive, clandestine occult operators today. They may be talented in some aspects, specialized in fields of operation, but none the less all work to serve the supreme cause. The recieve the benefits for their deeds, carrying out the hope of a global elite and a subservient, sado-masochistic society, sucking off its tits.
Its a motherly passive agressive beast, subconciously, maybe the choice symbol of this expression is the adoptation of the the Lucifer; a beast with the head of a goat, a torch representing illumination, a pentagon balancing on one tip centered, the wings of a bat, the feat of a goat, and breasts like a woman. The beast is said to be hermaphroditic expressing the union of sexes.
Many monuments are said to be derived from subversive symbolism of sexual organs. The most common and obvious is the phallus, the penis. The obelisque is a phalic symbol and to me represtents a sun dial but it is also symbolic of a graphically interpreted penetration of the circular sun.
Here, my Lucifer is undraped exposing the mysterious genitals of the beast. Lucifer is the prince one Light in classical latin mythology and was adopted by the illuminati to represent symbolically the light bearers.
The cartoon figures conglomerating to a pinnacle at the vagina, represent the birth of these ideas. Concocted through men, and passed through a accepting vagina. One hand points below to the symbol found on the dollar bill, what is commonly known as the "all seeing eye". To the up, the opposite hand points to the Freemason symbol of the square and compass, with the G standing for the Generative act or priciple as described by a high ranking Freemason either Manly P Hall of Albert Pike.
The Egyptian symbols primarily give light to the ancient origins of the illuminati, and even the history of those cultures, why does a secret society draw from the Ancient Egyptians. It is also one of the most prominent historical time periods researched or taught today.
I had a teacher that taught a class on how to embalm a store bought chicken with cheese cloth and other household items, and I think we were to place them in shoe boxes and store them away for some time and see which one of the groups operating within the class chicken lasted longest in terms of decay. I can't remember how long this project lasted but I do remember a foul stench of rotting poultry corpse doused in seasoning seasoning. If thats not some serious research, public school taught learning about the Egyptians than I don't know what is. They show them all the time on TV. I don't how many King Tut specials I've watched growing up, but I'm a little suspicious. Why do I have to learn that the pyramids of Egypt are the most beautiful structures. Why not the Aztec and Myan art. I think people are finding out everywhere that there was a deeper agenda that stretches way back before our knowledge of time frame. Most people consider these amounts of years, 2008 to be the entire expanse human civilization, but there is evidence that it is not because more and more people are seeing that there are numerous correlations of ancient structures that were built incredibly sophisticated that appear all over the earth with no known modern agreement on how they were built and what the people that built them were like, and how did they all want to build pyramids? if they were masters of precision and innovation, why not build different looking structures especially why so thick solid ones. They built precise mountains, with no intent to house communities but to harness some sort of energy, whether symbolic energy of an erection, phallic quality, or to tap into the vibrations of the universe. Or to affect the vibrations of the universe?
things that would not be destroyed. What was the importance of building a strong power structure to be able to withstand incredible wear and tear?
The Freemasons are known as the Architects of society, the builders not only of palaces and monuments, but also, the builders of thought.
One of the quotes states that who controls light controls what is seen. Artistically we can see art as an expression of a persons mental insights. What we perceive with our eyes and than imagined in the mind of a creative thinker and expressed in a novel way is a barometer of social climate. Sadly, there have been some creative minds that may have failed to see the true danger of mass media, how images are the primary relationship between thought, interpretation, and the self in society- the reality of yourself.
So who controls what is seen exacts an ability to inform your knowledge, thoughts about the world, reality. Ofcourse the media would be a powerful tool in guiding perceptions. From a world where we weren't sure what existed, we have been gaggled and googled to death by silly muses, thoughtless thinking, and a social empire based on anxiety and sado masochism. We see glimpses of horror, and told that horror is horrible, that this shot is good for you, it will only hurt for a second, just trust me its for your own good, I don't know everything but I can tell you that's crazy talk, you don't tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories man, George Bush said it. We live in a world of confusion. We see censored glimpses, where you are not sure about if its right to see this, but why is it being done, like seeing a war devistated urban warzone, and blurred out shots of the gore. If you saw gore you would be sick. Thats a for sure thing. Messy, bloody, emotional, brutal acts of violence. The idea of them is out there, but are minds are forced to censor it, to edit out, to see only a sugar coated, redemptive world. We are trained to see a certain way. The ones who control sight control your minds. Hey, they are what you think. Most of our knowldedge is based on these 'facts'
Who knows who Charlie Brown is or Ed Bowinkle, GI JOE, Barbie, David Koresh. This is our knowledge base. We are split from our true identity. We think in terms of Britney Spears, and who is hot right now, on the television, on the radio, on the major sources of information.
We are split beings. We have a true deep self, which would not accept things for what they are, and always be in a state of question, and open mindedness. The mind would be filled with attention and concentration and always wonder if they are being deceived. Honesty would be the highest rapport between individuals. Truth, and honesty would be the only accepted virtue.
So yes, this piece is meant to be weird, that is what I want you to see, because that is what I think the world is and would make for a comfortable awkward situation. Other symbols in the piece that I did not discuss here are the corporate logo phenomenon, and the source for most of this knowledge is researched by Michael Tsarion, find him on google and youtube.

11 November 2008

My Solution

Things are not going to change by working on a global scale. There should be no world authority that is not spiritual.

Globalism is not by virtue, a system for the average man, and it actually takes away liberty and individuality of him. Instead we must look to our local community to create a peaceful, harmonious, organized society, that will be under close scrutiny, observant and courageous against any signs of corruption.

Ideally, the local community should work towards self sufficiency. It should operate its own currency based on a precious metal system, fiat currency is prone to counterfit, and inflation.

However these few solutions may be infeasible at this moment, here are some practical solutions; stop buying plastic materials. There is research being done with results stating that male birth rates are on the decline. Also, chemicals in plastic, cause low sperm counts, and loss of fertility in males.

Plastic is a global tool. Think about it, if our local communities became self sufficient, our reliance on global institutions like walmart and target for everyday supplies, and furnishments would be reduced. Instead of going to Walmart for a piece of furniture for example, a buyer could go to a local artisan for the same thing. That would be healthier for the environment, and economy. You would be supporting the local economy, and

Corporate business have put many smaller business out of business, causing a shift in way of life. No longer are humans creative, artisans, able to blow pottery, build cabinets, goldsmith, ironsmith, etc. Those duties have been replaced by a trip to Walmart, and watching the brainwashing TV.

The world would also be more aesthetic, beautiful, pleasing to the eye. Possibly even more sensitive to these things. I'm sure my educated friends are familiar with the Ancient Greek pottery, the amazing Ancient Chinese Laquer and jade works, and countless other cultural relics throughout history.

These things have been lost to globalism. Cultures of the past were based on its communities being self sufficient. If we gain back our creative culture, we would no longer be dependent on Singapore sweatshops pumping out a million lethal plastic products a day.

We would have our own artisans producing higher quality more spiritual, beneficial products. We would gain back the Greek pottery, the Navajo pottery, the Chinese Jade, and so much more. People will no longer be estranged to their community. The Martinez, the Gomez, the Hernandez, everybody would be known for their contributions.

We need to get back to a culture that has its own culture. We need cultural products or else we are not a culture. We are generic Made in China fascimilies of a throw away society.

So, stop funding the machine. Stop buying cheap plastic knock offs. Plastics are bad. See this documentary, The Declining Male.

So this is my vision of a better world. It looks like the Wang Hui scroll, "Southern Imperial Inspection Tour". Check out the film with David Hockney, "A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China, of Surface is Illusion but so is Depth"

20 October 2008

Democracy is Tyranny of Majority

usa is a republic of sovereign states, not a coast to coast control grid you stupid fucks. sorry but this shit pisses me off. this is liberty and freedom we are talking about. something, i ain't feeling too much of in this life. and i don't want to waste my life, that i don't know if i'm coming back to see personally again- waste in a sorry shit fuck ass dick hard on disease society.

i always been confused about the difference between a democracy and republic. growing up you here republic for which it stands and then on tv you hear democracy this, democracy that. wtf, they ain't the same thing.

no no no no, republic, is small scale govt, something to help settle disputes in court. i'm the man, no body fucks with me, i don't fuck with no body, simple. get off, don't hurt me, mind your business, believe any stupid thing you want.

democracy, an asshole in DC that don't know me, but got the backing of shit load of turd pukes drunk on the promise land on the tale of hale bopp, want to restrict me from almost every activity under the sun and moon, FUCK you buddy.

a president is nobody. we give them power. the more authority you give to the person the more he has over you. right now its outta control. govt should be kept simple. small town simple. freedom and liberty for all, thats true respect.

people think that drug addicts and terrorists are normal in society. i beg to differ. what happens when you outlaw and disrespect human rights, when you put thousands of restrictions on guns and drugs, what is that going to produce? thousands of criminals.

when everything is free and stable, you mind your business, you do your part to respect freedom nobody is going to want to kill each other for no reason, out of jealousy, out of necessity, out of blood lust, out of addiction.

when shit is legal and out in the open there won't be shame and secrets, dark underworlds of crime.

if i didn't give a fuck about drugs and thought nothing of it, like it was just some stupid thing you can but why do it? then what power would drugs have?

now you got a bunch of lost souls, that got hooked on something, and function in dark underworlds doing god knows what to avoid prison, prosecution, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, to avoid the consequences of life in general.

more laws create more corruption. it creates backstabbing people. it creates con artists. it creates rapists, serial killers, evil cops, brainwashed zombies.

its time to stop giving power to some slimy scum bag in a bomb bunker in DC and give yourself and your own competence some credit. go ahead, pat your self on the back, and say i can think for my self.

think of a world with no signs, no suggestions. no speed limits, no road signs, a stable currency, fair trade, peace, and a govern what? yeah, a president would be the least of your worries cuz you wouldn't need a scum bag slime ball dictating whats good for you.

you are the shit. you are the funniest person in the world. you have the best ideas. you have are the best friend. you are the greatest mom, greatest dad, you family, your ancestors, its all respect. no fucking big shit is gonna intervene on my peace. and the people that do should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

difference between a democracy and republic

23 September 2008

What is peace by a being of authority.

well, i like the first line about peace being soldiers not having to go to war. i like soldiers that fight for good and truth. its frightening to think that our soldiers are being taught a slanted ideology to defend. these are matters of intense spiritual deliberation, not expected to disturb a person's contentment, but place in perspective all that must be confronted one day. either in this life, or another. the psychology carries on, passes from lifetime to lifetime whatever it is.

the authority figure said we fight waste billions of dollars fighting wars for peace. I don't consider our modern war epidemic as fighting to maintain peace. That view point the authority figure expressed is that from which it is spoken. I kind of get the impression from the song 'Give Peace a Chance" implies the carnage of war. everything else that authority said was good to hear from such a being.


GAT (Guardian Againt Tyranny), 8.5x11in, Digital print, 2008.
$10, 1/70.

During these increasingly dark days, impending fear of a Great Depression, and all other things I'm experiencing on an individual level, have needed me to be strong. My heart longed to see a true, good warrior. That good will not be vanquished with impunity, but a force to be reckoned with. Thus is my GAT. I strong need to see a fighting spirit on the side of positive energy.

Also, if I were to be robbed in my home, killed, or something, I would want to be around one of these. I want my home to be surrounded in spirits, I want the last thing a person sees to be a valiant figure; a stoic figure; an angry figure; a peaceful figure; a gnarly wrinkled in anger face. I want sculptures of demons, and stuff to ward off negative energy. Seeing something like this, strikes an empathetic discipline in me. This expresses strength and death, or death and strength. This represents power to live another day. To stand up against negativity. To ward off evil spirits.

22 September 2008

Big Business, Sickness Management

BBSM,8.5x 11in, digital print, 2008
$10, 1/70

I saw this one day getting a cup of coffee at a Whataburger. I felt like I was looking into a crystal ball. I had to paint this, it is my fear, am I under attack? am I being lured into this eugenics future? Am I subject of a soft kill? Will my life be dependent on pharmaceuticals? Is my DNA being manipulated?

Schizo Nation

Schizo Nation, 8.5x11in, digital print, 2008
$10, 1/70

Light is associated with knowledge. Light is needed in order to sense sight. Sight is how we get most of our knowledge about the world and reality. Who can control what is seen, controls knowledge and thought. Could our knowledge be a smoke and mirrors tactic done by a kabal of secret elitists? To keep the attention of the masses of people, preoccupied, deceived into thinking that modern is a saturday morning cartoon? Are our minds being influenced? Is the mainstream media a bad influence? Our the powers that be ritual occultists that are into population control?


NBFO (No Blood For Oil) 11x8.5, Digital print, 2008

$10, 1/70
Some time in the near future: inflation has caused gas prices to hit all time record highs, civil collapse. Streets become ritual sacrifice centers, killing and dying under occult, corporate logos. A UFO contributes to the destruction. What about their agenda?

15 September 2008

Teaching Art, Artistic Method

The best quality to possess is concentration. The ability to concentrate for long hours, uninterrupted is the the top, essential skill to harness.

If you want to learn from me, show up to my doorstep every morning for 3 years than I will take you seriously.

Good concentration is a spiritual quality. I learned concentration habits from Chinese Tao, and Buddhist Meditation principles. Although I personally am not the type of person to sit still motionless, I take those habits of meditation and apply them to artistic production.

You have to be content with yourself. Time should not be a factor. It shouldn't matter if its a Friday night, or Saturday night, you should be able to get over urges and be content with yourself.

Concentration is a spiritual learning process. When you are alone, quiet and focused, you will hear your thoughts. You will become closer to yourself, and be able to accept yourself for everything.

Concentration will bring you peace and forgiveness. Listen to yourself. Concentration will unveil many aspects that are important to your consciousness and give you ever lasting ideas.

Concentrate on becoming a great master artist. Learn from master artists. Invest great amounts of time in honing your talent to be that of master quality. Pick a challenge for yourself, and strive to become one with the master.

Feel like the master, like the way you enjoy good song and dance, or sex, give your inner focus to the appreciation of the act of making art. Make the art come from your inner breath. Communicate your everything, your total person, all your life into the life of your line quality.

Understand art as pleasurable. Become deeply moved by drawing and painting. See deeply into visual experience. See deeply into art as a product of the inner theater of the mind.

Strive to produce art that is one with your mind. Set your mind free and imagine strongly your vision before you draw it. See it on the page before you draw it.

I'm talking about art the way I set out to do. If you respect and choose to do art the way I do, than apply this knowledge for the benefit of yourself, because I am here to tell you how I have found and harnessed my artistic potential. This is my philosophy that I taught myself, through research and discipline, and practice.

Practice until your hand hurts.

Set your own goals. My goal from the very beginning when I set out to achieve mastery, or some semblance of it, was to draw what I see, within my mind or elsewhere, to draw that with efficiency. I wanted to eliminate sketching from my process, and draw perfectly. My goal was to clean my drawing skills so that I could produce polished work all the time. I don't want to have to sketch the eyes over and over, or sketch the hands over and over, or mess up over and over.

I don't want to mess up. Granted, mistakes will be made, and some mistakes are beneficial. But my goal was to have immediate gratification with my mind through my artistic tool. I want to bring out whatever is within me, or what my artistic mind desires to have be done.

I started seriously practicing art on my own, studying the Chinese masters brush technique, at the age of around 19, 20. I practiced with extreme diligence, becoming reclusive and introverted for more than a year. I would draw in the Chinese brush method for as many hours as I could. I worked, concentrated with unrelenting passion. I was a man on a mission.

The idea was to draw so much, and gain so much experience in a short amount of time so that I could have master artist capacities at a young age, relative speaking. I wanted to in a few short years be on par with my art heroes.

So I modeled myself after my master teachers from hundreds of years ago. getting lessons in viewing all the art I could find of them. From a doodle, to a study, to journal writings, to accounts of contemporaries of the artist, and scholarly studies, I wanted to learn what it takes.

Concentration, serious dedication, research, extraordinary practice, goal oriented, and commitment are the fundamentals of harnessing artistic ability.

Next time I will get into the philosophical aspects of artistic practice.

09 September 2008

A Recent Nightmare About a Decapitation of a Loved One

I was taking a shower at night. I could hear/sense my family outside the bathroom, everybody going about their business. Periodically, at home we can hear gunshots, and this arouses the family's curiosity and panic sometimes.
After showering, I was trying to get dressed. As I was doing this I heard gunfire. This gun fire sounded like AK-47 machine gun fire. The blasts and bangs of the weapon discharge sounded like the barrel of the rifle was near by.
I was struggling to put my clothes on, like I was drunk or in a state of feebleness. My family was calling out to me to see what I thought of the gunfire. Finally, after what seemed like a futile struggle I was able to dress myself and open the door of the bathroom and enter the chaotic epidemic which was starting to unfold.
I asked where the shots had came in from, but nobody in my family seemed to be concerned, more or less, excited about hearing those types of gunshots in close proximity. Mystery and danger were like a potion, elixir of feeling alive.
Suddenly, through the front door, my brother pops in, laughing hysterically, and behind him, a large, early 20s woman, dressed in Bloods Red gang attire comes hurling through the door. This person seemed frightened and was seeking shelter.
She didn't stay for long, but ran to the rear of the house, out the back door, hopped a fence to the alley, and took off into the darkness.
Meanwhile, my brother and I were closing the blinds on the windows so nobody could see what was happening in our home.
My family questioned my brother of the stranger he brought into our home, and if that had anything to do with the gunfire we had just heard, and he denied anything, and seemed to be in a laughing mood.
Now, I'm not sure how I got to this place, but I was at some sort residence with my brother. I think he needed to hide. At this home, it seemed to be dug into the side of a hill. The porch was cluttered and cramped, much like the living quarters. The people living there seemed like the underground, dregs of society type people.
I think I needed to hide as well. The feeling was assumed that the gun fire was directed at my home, and there was a mysterious enigma searching for me, and wanted me dead. At this home I was led by unknown figures to an underground series of dark, dirt cave tunnels. This felt like large portion of time being wasted wandering through the tunnels. I remember popping up out of the tunnels and it was early morning, like sunrise, and being in a field near a warehouse, and a helicopter with a bright spot light, hovering above us, blowing the field grass around violently.
I remember having to escape this helicopter by running through an unfamiliar neighborhood, the houses were middle upper class, or lower upper class, but the people were unassuming.
I remember having to navigate my way, being as discreet as possible manuevering through backyards with dogs and such, trying to get back to the shelter.
I remember having to hide in a thicket and fenced off area because a car was driving by, and might have been the enigma that was seeking to harm me. The car was a gangsterish lowrider cadilac with big sliver rims, brown paintjob.
After that threat had passed, I arrived back to the shelter dug into the side of a hill. There a dobeman pincher was mad dogging the driving. This dog seemed aggressive and violent, and there was no calming this animal. So it was trapping us inside the residence.
I remember talking at the screen door to this domicile, to a person that claimed to be a vicious dog, literally, he was talking about how he would bite, and gnaw on a arm or leg of a person if he felt to do so. I was there with another person who the dog man was directing the conversation to primarily; I was there trying to stay on his good side, all the while examining this creature.
The dog man I assumed was the doberman pincer that was at the driveway that had shapeshifted into his humanoid state. The dogman, warewolf was very thin, and riley. His forearm muscles were tense and tight, but displayed power and agression. The warewolfs face was like that of a dog. His bottom jaw protruded, jutted outward like the snout of a k-9, and his mouth was full of pointy teeth. The dog man had a large dog like tongue, and he liked to excersise his chicanery like grin, and his mouth often hung open drooling. A fascinating, frightening figure, I had never seen anything like this before, not even in movie special effects, his jaws were like that of a k-9 and were wide and menacing, he talked about his experiences eating people that crossed his path, he had a short fuse.
A group of little kids, my extended family, who are presently the same age as I but in the dream I saw them as little kids, from back the way we used to be. They came up to me, concerned about their mother and aunt. They said they heard something at night, sounding like a windowbreaking. They said they wanted to see what happened and that they new something bad had happened but wanted to see for themselves no matter what. But they needed me to be there with them, just in case the evil entity was still there. They guided me to an underground room, that was dark and filled with clutter, like a pack rats den. There was a door in the back of this room, and the little girl opened it and instantly screamed, i looked into that room and saw that it had been ransacked and on a bed, in a white night gown lay the girls mother, brutally murdered, and decapitated. I left the room, horrified and shaken, trying to navigate my way holding back fear and trying to keep my wits together, seeking help from police, I searched for a phone. I think I came above ground, and opened a door, that was like a pantry in the ground, I opened the door and made another gruesome discovery, the decapitated head of a loved one. It was the worst sight I had ever seen. The sight was very personal and traumatic. I nearly lost my mind. I batted around through the ransacked house looking for a phone to call for help, while trying to tell the family that they should not look in the cellar door.
I was thinking to myself how could anyone commit such a heinous crime? I also thought how I would never want to have to identify the body of somebody I caredfor in a manner such as this, decapitated, or otherwise. I thought about a funeral and how the wake would have to be closed casket, and thought about the pain that would bring to a family, knowing that their loved one was brutally killed by an entity with a demonic, diabolic spirit.
This dream gave me deep, frightening feelings. I woke up in the middle of the night in fear, hoping this never happens. I was almost afraid to go back to sleep, because I was in fear of having another traumatic experience such as this.