30 December 2008

God and the Not Being

In the philosophies of the ancient Orient, like the Tao and Chinese Buddhism, and something I could agree on based upon personal experience, sort of like a shamanistic spiritual possession I came under once, that forever changed my perceptions of life, they never talk about GOD. Buddhism doesn't have a God, nor does the Tao. They have consciousness.

I use God as a name I take in vein. I don't use it to represent the power of the universe of spiritual and material phenomenon.

In those Eastern traditions, they say that the Tao is formless, nameless, but never dry, always consistent the same, unchanging, peace of mind. Its a bottomless well which can never be drained. Its a forever void.

They say the moment you try to name it, or call it something, you lose its fathom. You get further away from the truth, which is that it can not be labeled. Its a thing you have to experience in order to comprehend.

When some one calls it all knowing, like they call God as all knowing, in the East that would refer to all knowing of the self, how this all knowing state is in total realization of its actions, and thoughts to the point where there is no thought because all knowing loses the desire to desire.

Nothingness is infinite.

You can not call Nirvana- God.

God is more of a Christian defined word, and applying the notion of that to Nirvana, the highest state of mind in Buddhism, is not applicable, although, the Christian definition of God would be the state of Nirvana. Although, the Christian Mystics were more apt to the truth, the definitions have been skewed and mangled over all this time, that God is a laudable term to define what was meant by them.

I think, inside your brain, in your DNA, is your true self, or who your biological make up was designed for, based on spiritual, cosmic sensory inclinations. I say cosmic because it seems that your DNA is influenced by past Karma of the world. As if your past life transference of karma, is brought into you present being to take shape and manifest itself in the world, as an antidote for your life time. You are meant to be your true self for the harmony of existence. Karma, whether you look at in on historical influence, or spiritual manifestations, like unseen undercurrents in the ocean of your mind, are simply put, you are what you eat. However, one can assume that in the mostly negative karma that has been transferring and overlapping, that the spiritual undertow of consciousness, brings about its own psychic healers into the world, like a breathe of insight into some persons beings, to influence for the positive, through the persons actions and statements, to bring humanity into a more harmonious state.

Harmony is living within the parallels of existence, to avoid disharmony. Disharmony would be the repression of individual potential to live in accordance with harmony of the 'Way'. Individual potential is self actualization, and abiding by those findings, and carrying out those results to the best of your given ability in order to maintain the Way.

In an mystical experience which profoundly changed my life, an incredible psychedelic journey through the mind, was narrated by an intelligence that already knew what I was meant to be, and basically encouraged me to be me, an artist, to follow your obvious nature and fulfill that experience because if I don't I would not be doing justice in this reality or the spiritual one. I would be letting down, or repressing what this life was allowing for me to reach. It would be like a flower seed, that did not want to blossom because it was not sure if it should or not, and thus would not reach its full potential.

Time was of great importance. There is no time to waste. You have to be your highest potential now. There is definitely a sense of battle between your high potential and the world that resists it. You are brought up in a resistant world, a world that resists itself based upon the outside influences, like instructions brainwashed into you from the outset of your life in these cultures controlled by spiritually corrupted mad men whose goal is to preserve themselves above all else.

There was no mission instructions given to me from this experience, however, I have let it be my mission to work within the faculties of the mind, for they are the most important to any circumstance you are faced with.

What I most enjoy about Ancient Eastern thought is that it is more of a psychological introspection into your actions rather than a stressed, chaotic, confused mentality. I know, I can always look within myself to seek 'change'. I alone, am responsible for undesired actions. And if I so happen to have undesired actions, it will be my own mind to deal with the negative karma trauma, but I should always seek to minimize the extent of my negative impact on affairs so as to not bring my actions into the realm of public trial, essentially meaning I never want to be charged with murder, etc.

So the names given to the states of consciousness that resemble profound, higher, peaceful ways of thinking can be found within your mind, not in heaven, or any other superstitious thinking. They cannot be described in full detail with words and have to be experienced for the self to comprehend. You can reach these states of experience through conversation, trauma, prolonged meditation, research, or in some persons, the use of psychedelic substances, although from my experience, nirvana looks black, no shapes, no forms, just like a black ink well or peace that will never run out of ink to paint with. The present moment is your palette of your existence.

just some thoughts....

63% of People Out of 2,462 Think a Nuclear Event for 2009

Check out the latest poll on http://www.infowars.com/

A Pravda editorial theorizes that the U.S. elite will stage a nuclear attack in order to impose a dictatorship. Do you believe there will be such an event in 2009?

Yes (63%, 1,550 Votes)
No (37%, 912 Votes)

I voted No, that too extreme of a situation. But, if it did happen, you should assume the shadow govt has something to do with this. I think a biological attack would be far worse and maybe the ruthless tactic of the globalists.

I find it strange that so many people are worried about a nuclear attack. Who possibly hates you that much, to bomb you unsuspectingly? Either way you look at, some powerful elitists are the ones provoking such atrocities. We are always merely the fodder of battle while elite bankers and psyops war generals sit in comfort in a castle somewhere having incest orgies, and other psychotic dreamworlds.

Sad but True.

Hopefully, there is no such attack. The threat is diabolical, sinister enough. You never know with these sadistic rulers. How do you kick them out of office? First by kicking them out of your mind.

Analysis of Barack and Michelle Obama on 60mins.

This is the description of the video:
This interview is a dumbed-down cartoon of a fantasy land type country without any issues in a time of peace and happiness where average people can be president of a nation and change the world for the better.

The misguided "hope" and "change" of this election process will last a few months at most.

A space alien picking up on this broadcast might assume that we have free energy, no crime, no war profiteers, and everyone lives in candy houses with sitcom families... I couldn't say it better, thanks Tate

What stands out to me most during this interview and many like it, is the lack of detail, or imagination. The couple is heavily based on routine. Michelle mentions routine several times as if she had been taught some where about having a routine, doing everything by the numbers. "I will teach you, you will learn by the numbers" a command given by the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

Routine, routine, routine, must have routine or I can't think. I can only think until I have a routine. Please instruct me with a routine to follow, I can carry it out.

They are then asked about a dog for the White House. Michelle mentions instructions she gave, or commands she gave for the children to follow about getting a dog. There are many imaginative factors missing in the couples dialogue. For one, the type of dog the children want. If the kids wanted a dog really bad, what kind of dog were they looking to get? What type of dog do the kids like? She goes on and on about a dog, and reiterates the word dog over and over but does not describe the type of dog these educated people are going to get. They give her credentials of being a Harvard Princeton grad, but she can not elaborate on the type of dog her children want.

Barack goes on to say that they are getting many suggestions from people as to what to name the dog, and he does not give any examples of the many dog names people have suggested. Even though he is taking it all under advisement, and does not need the help of specialists to disclose information about the dog.

Michele, after close examination, you can see, only reiterates what has been said. In the beginning of this clip they talk about not being adjusted to the 'change' in lifestyle these seemingly normal people becoming rulers are. She unexpectedly blurts out 'what are you not adjusted to?' as if she is well adjusted, or given proper instruction on how to perform. Barack gives a basic statement, all can be familiar with, 'I can't go for a walk', and Michele loses her train of thought and falls back into trance mode. She has no reply, or any further remark as to walking besides the statement that she doesn't walk and can't relate to that statement because she doesn't walk. They begin to banter about walking. And use the subject, trigger word 'walk' over and over again. As if as long as they continue to mention the trigger word over and over, they are on the same page, on the same set of instruction. They sound mechanical in their speech patterns. As if repetition is comforting. A main brainwashing technique is repetition.

This is as strange as it gets. You got these people that say they are normal people like everybody else. Is that being humble or a distraction? These people speak in a vague manner, with lots of pauses, repetitions, no real defined, passionate course of action or imaginative responses of a vision besides inducing trance like effects on viewers. We all expect him to believe he is the one. What kind of shit is that? I'm the one. We are all individuals, independent thinkers. He on the other hand, tries to make himself sound normal and like everybody else, but why would he have to get a hair cut in an undisclosed location? That's not normal. If he was normal like all the rest of us, no one would care about him, he would be normal like everybody else, no big deal. He knows he is not normal, he has been instructed by many people behind closed doors what to say, taught all kinds of jedi mind tricks to keep people at bay. Think nothing of his statements, just follow along and let me hypontize you. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.

I ain't falling asleep on this one. No one is gonna pull the wool over my eyes. Pay attention to these peoples actions and see the patterns of speech they employ. There is a lot of repetition going on there. Lots of facades of what 'normalcy' is. He claims to be normal, but has no profound imagination. Thus he has no inclining as to heal the world. He seems to be in a position of power to keep the fledgling American's under the tight rule of Big Government, like a spiritual leader with no spiritual powers, telling people he is the one, like Sai Baba.

15 December 2008

A Take on Social Media

This was written by me, on this website: http://www.brentcsutoras.com/2008/12/15/social-media-plain-english/#comment-1440

Besides the technical aspects of social media. The impact upon the consciousness of the individual, and how those individuals function in society are also poignant to the definition of this.

On one hand social media is positive in many ways, but there are darker, more sinister aspects to it as well. Perverts, stalking, identity theft, are among just a few of the growing trends of social media underworlds.

Also, it is not known if the ‘big brother’ is amassing databases of your online activities. It is known that there are demographics that try to predict market trends, but the military intelligence agencies are probably heavily involved with social media research.

So this is a good question, what is social media? On one hand it seems benevolent, but on the other, it may seem to be a breeding ground for information divulging. Where people are becoming more and more uninhibited in what they can announce over this network, causing all kinds of personal psychic self assumptions, most notably, a culture of children that are becoming what I would say, more self absorbed, self centered, self serving, selfish, egotistical persons, that are using the social media to advertise their shallow, superficial traits, rather than developing, and expanding their consciousness with wisdom and intellect. Instead you see a carnal trend on the internet.

Symbols and Transcendence

On the surface this picture depicts organ harvesting, the impetus of this was not to describe that scenario, but meant to express psychic phenomenon.

This is a cryptic, sub conscious communication. If anybody can solve it you get the prize! just kidding you ain't gettin shiit. jk. Seriously there is no physical prize. However you may feel awarded the pleasure of lubricating your brain.

It just doesn't do anything for me, haha, thats a good argument when critiquing art. maybe you could have used some more placenta imagery or fried bacon.

Speaking in metaphors can be like speaking in tongues. On one hand you're channeling psychic insights, while on the other you are confusing the interpreter. Perhaps this is the mental state the art wants a person to be put in. Not to disregard imagery, the imagery plays a heavy role in interpretation, however those thoughts conjured up are subjective to the interpreter.

I don't talk to close minded people. Sometimes, when you converse with someone, and they are very stubborn in their view points, its no use trying to debate with that type of person. They have other psychological problems that impede on them from having an intellectual exchange.

By doing this drawing, I was able to heighten my experience, perhaps ephemerally, in understanding the psychic process of metaphorical communication, to be more aware, conscious of the healing ability of art, art therapy.

I was feeling down and out at the beginning of this drawing but at some point in the process, my emotions began to turn positive and I started to enjoy the communication. Safety was a high motivational factor in this piece. Like a secret language. A top secret form of communication, something military intelligence would like to utilize.

What good is this type of communication? perhaps that is why it is far removed from ordinary, rudimentary conversation.

For me, its like a swirling state of thoughts, a feeling that mimics the Milky Way, where infinite thought is at the center of the galaxy, the black hole, in the mind is pure consciousness, and the arms of the galaxy that rotate around the axis of the center. That is what my mind feels like, the way the Milky Way looks.

Perhaps being indigenous to this galaxy you are predisposed to having a mind that identifies with its habitat. There are some other fascinating galaxies out there that I identify with as well.

Thinking symbolically allowed me to transcend unfavorable mental qualities I was experiencing, into favorable assets. Turning a negative into a positive. Lead into gold. Mental Alchemy.

11 December 2008

The Youth, Adult and Social-Media Technology

The camera, from the first pictures to digital photo taking, mixed with file sharing, and networking, has altered the perceptions of age in modern human.

The NSA are at the gates of Heaven, when you die, the record on file of all your online activity and credit/debit transactions will be on hard drives of hundreds of terabytes of your history in the system. I can only imagine the amount of terabytes of information the NSA keeps on file of your use of the internet in a secret network database. Information such as every website you visited, details within that, how long you spent on the site, the links you click on, probably store all the cookies and passwords on your browser to their system to recreate your exact performance.

The ultimate goal of man is to find the perfect companion.

Besides the cell phone, the digital consumer grade camera, has had one of the most profound impacts on the sociocultural influences on modern man.

The camera is a superficial instrument that has the ability to capture in varying grades of clarity, the most accurate reproductions of actual witnessed phenomenon.

Never has the ability of most men, to witness their lifetime before their very eyes easily.

A person can for example, upload photographs of himself over decades of time, and one can flip through them leisurely compared to the lifetime of experience taken to travel from moment to moment being captured at any one instant point in time consecutively during that time frame.

Youth has never been a prevalent aspect of the growing consciousness of modern man.

A person is able to see himself consciously stored for himself to see, including many others, even anonymously to view the photographs.

Adults want to feel like a youth, and the youth identify themselves with adult qualities. Sometimes without having the perspective of maturity, instead based on the physical attributes of a person.

This affects the self image of a person's ego complex.

A strength of reason is needed to face the sociological standards of youth and beauty.

More and more persons are becoming anxious of their appearance on a more frequent basis than ever before.

A person having a scope to study themselves outwardly will inevitably have impact in their interpersonal make up. just as make up is applied topically, the make up of ones psychic life will have to cope with the new media technology.

Currently youth is the most prized of human characteristics. However, most consider youth to be a naive, immature, physical trait. Youth though physical, the attractiveness of personality is based on the timeless quality of an individual, rather than over compensation of outward identifying, materialistic things, but an internal fountain of timelessness.

With all the psychic bombardment of the new and adjusting internet, media sharing of individual experiences, people put themselves up for scrutiny, praise, and above all attention to the public world.

Sooner or later, it is most likely that what a person does online will reflect the life that the person is living, and like a movie that you watch in heaven when your life is flashing through your eyes as you say good bye to this existence, in the upload of a web page on a standard internet computer, one has at his disposal his selected media documented lifestyle online.

The repercussions of higher self awareness has not taken full esteem to many individuals, especially the immature, or the daring.

Today I can't list the entire spectrum of human activity that is impacted by the social media we perceive, but I am sure that this has many direct connections to our psychic awareness of life.

Youth wants to be independent and free, to the point of immaturity, while the adult wants to be like what the youth look like, and that would be immature.

This is probably a sexual preference if anything.It has less to do with substance of character, but more with desiring often unattainable sexual attractive characteristics of the common person.

People desires are perverted by the standards set forth by the politically engineered media, then express their derangement over a 6 degrees of separation internet, for many other individuals to take in.

What are we becoming? Right now I think we should be weary of the youth. Teach the youth well, because the youth are eager to approach mastery and skill, yet, when lacking sufficient training and expertise of a qualified role model, a person can defect to shallow impulses, a world of psychic abandonment. Life is suffering, it is up to a person to regulate the psychic trauma of suffering, this is mastery, maturity.

People will watch themselves grow up online.

By uploading your pix you are going to demonstrate your transfiguration's of not only topical performance, most of all, your psychic perception of the moment. there is no video tape long enough to record every moment of your life, but it comes close, and you could be sure that the NSA has a record of your every online move.

Even with the presence of this outward perceiving media, a all seeing God like presence, it is within the individual that wisdom, self evaluation, introspection will be vital to the expansion of consciousness to become more in harmony with the Way.

08 December 2008

MK-Ultra, 2009 acrylic on panel

My next project is going to be a painting on the covert mind and behavioral experiments conducted by the CIA starting in 1947, using the famed truth syrum, LSD, electro shock therapy, brainwashing, depatterning of the brain, hypnosis, double agents, sex slaves, trauma bonding, radiation exposure, assassins with no recollection of their deed, manchurian candidates, electro frequencies to alter mood, cleaning the brain out of all information, and so much more inhumane experiments all in the name of national security.

MK-Ultra is an umbrella term for many top secret experiments to control the mind, and behaviors of individuals. I think, and others too it can be assumed, that from these studies of the human central nervous system and psychology, that our current social order, of teeny bopper tv, pop culture, mainstream politics, and all other forms of social control propagated through almost every facet of media pumped from the huge corporate entities, to make you buy their view of reality.

In this painting I'm going to illustrate sequences of experiments, and write a caption to them. The center of the painting will be an iconic illustration of an anterior cross section of the human brain, possibly with spinal cord attached.

At the bottom of the spinal cord is going to be a conglomerate of pop culture, brain washing propaganda, that all stems from the research done in MK Ultra umbrella projects.

The borders of the painting will be surrounded by portraits of key scientists with a blurb about what kind of work they done, juxtaposed with CIA leaflets.

Currently I am refreshing my memory on this subject that has interested me for over a year. I feel that his piece will be very important and imminent to these trying times. I plan to start painting at the turn of the new year and work on it diligently for 6-8 weeks. The piece will be 24x36in, painted in acrylic with little brushes, #0-4 liners.

This entire month of December is going to be spent researching MK Ultra. I don't have time to read many of the books written on the subject, but I will be getting my information from articles and videos found online. So far so good.

I like this process better than many other of my projects that where I paint and research at the same time. I'm taking a lot of notes and using the snipping tool to capture information from websites. I constructed the template of the composition, layout of the piece. I want to start painting, but am going to hold out and focus on research and blogging, among other things I always wanted to know but never had the time to focus on.

Group Think

Group think is when a majority of individuals agree on something, no matter how absurd, an individual within the group that thinks differently becomes afraid to dissent even though in his mind he knows that he is being misled, to avoid the discomfort of not going along with the group.

I think our current times reflect the group think mentality. This psychological phenomenon has been widely studied since the mid '50's and surely, the knowledge gained in this field of study, combined with other covert mind control experiments from the Cold War era, have been transferred into our current cultural identity marketing.

Here is a reenactment of Solomon Asch Group think experiment.

In the same experiment, when the dissenter had an ally, the likely hood of dissenting rose and stood up to the group.

It would be too easy to apply group think into our current scenario, but the obvious should not be avoided. Going along can have severe consequences. One of which is when going along with a group that is wrong, that action condemns those who are not in agreement with the false ideology.

Negative group think condemns the marginalized individual's.

Have a nice day!

Think for yourself, question authority.

If you really want to know, find out.

07 December 2008

The Beast

The system is the Beast. It has tentacles in another dimension of dark matter. In this reality it is a network of information systems keeping track of your every move so you don't escape it.

The Beast feeds on your emotions and your hard work. It is a psychic vampire and tyrant.

You only live until you are 18, then the Beast rears its ugly head and starts dragging you down with it.

All good people get hurt by it.

The Beast wants for you to not reach your greatest potential, it grows stronger by feeding your children to it.

The Beast will find you where ever you go, it will come with henchmen dressed in ACUs, body armor, night vision goggles, armor piercing rifles, tear gas, and hand cuffs and no souls.

These soulless henchmen have no thoughts yet weep for each other. They have the keys of power to repress and think nothing of it. They serve their higher power blindly, and oppose all those that try to corrupt it with wisdom.

The near future will appear uneventful, that is because humanity that has been repressed will rise from the ashes, the chains of tyranny, and expose the dark side of the moon, with the globe of light the star sun is.

The Beast must be captured and slayed immediately, or many beloved brethren will be consumed.

This is a psychic war most of all. Positive Psychic phenomenon will end killing in the name of suspicion, hatred, and anonymity.

Positive psychic action must be taken to defeat this brutal, savage beast. Do not consume the fodder of positivity they provide you, but learn it from stillness, the close perception of thoughts. Do not follow the magic of the Beast's charms, for the Beast is the system, the establishment, which is corrupted.

The system of banking is founded on nothing but harnessing the contracts of bodies owing much of nothing on a false promise of liberty- manipulating, capturing, and repressing, in much that same order, reverse and forever back and forth.

The Beast will sacrifice a brethren dissident to show its power over your lives.

Anybody in the Cabinet of the Presidency should not be trusted and upheld to scrupulous standards more than the average man, for they should not be there, in our minds in the first place, and for them to rank, and reign over, to preside the course of our communal era, should be detained, imprisoned, tarred and feathered.

If the electricity is cut out in the cities because there is no power to keep them running, if the food is not in stock at the markets, if the money does not buy the proper cost of living to income earned, hearts of the people will be broken, many cries will be heard in the dead of night, while helicopters swarm above imposed curfew, and armored personal carriers drive through the neighborhoods making sure no unrest develops.

That is why there will never be war on US soil. Unrest will be dealt with ahead of time. There will be no chance to battle them on their terms, much as it is in the way with repressing psychic fighting, but that is the war that the individual is most powerful in, if he develops his ability to make order out of chaos without the aid of biblical texts, mutilated passages of the law. Instead, go to the origins, the history and reevaluate the circumstances in order to give sufficient critique of the ways of the world, such a process would take no longer than a few years of soul searching and right mental practice. Observe with scrutiny the ways of the world and decipher them with imagination, but do not lose sight of the damage caused by the Beast.

Instead build from scratch, like when taking on a new project, use the existing fortitude to construct a masterpiece, a solid construction, with the foresight of past failure and continual maintenance to ensure its stability, and proper upkeep for many generations to thrive off us. Provide the future with guidelines which to grow off of like a fruit plant needs.

I live in a world of double sided coins. The flick of a dime, nickel, quarter lands on the rotations of debate from many databases of information gathered through microcosms of experience. When the face lands on any side, you are faced with the rationale of problem solving capacity which works under many circumstances. There maybe no way to truly know the repercussions of devices implemented to fix a problem, but the guiding force of thoughts must be harnessing the perceptions of Buddha Consciousness.

Almost any agreeable doctrine can be fit to the Teachings of Buddha. Call it whatever you want, but for right now, the way to research the knowledge is by the name Buddha, but you will find that the name given has nothing to do with the wisdom provided. Calling something like Buddhism by a name, tarnishes its reputation, and do not let the names of things tarnish the luster of the wisdom. React to the information not the bias of the name.

more next time!

02 December 2008

War PsyOps (Psychological Warfare)

This would be the trade I would most likely be involved in if I were to be in the military.

My interest in this comes from claims that the CIA would drop blankets of hand sized bills, leaflets, with messages trying to incite violence and upheaval, to cowardice, fear and surrender to a target population.

The leaflets could be plain text or have images. Check out some the pix yourself, these are great artworks in my opinion.

The image from the video game, Call of Duty 4, of lots of charred papers in the atmosphere sears itself into my mind of a modern war zone.

Both sides of the combatants use leaflets to send messages to each others forces. Or, the CIA may be involved and puts out leaflets to make enemy combatants think their own forces are speaking to them, perhaps carrying a message of surrender, Allah has spoken.

Psyops encompasses not only written and visual sensory targets, about also auditory senses. After a bombing in Iraq, cacophonous sounds of high pitched squealing pigs, babies crying, and taunts would be projected over loudspeakers.

In the film Apocalypse Now Redux, psyops is utilized in the scenes where Kilgore plays over loudspeakers, Ride of the Valkyrie, as the Air Cav heads to the "harry" Charlie controlled village. The music continues as the assault on the village takes place.

Remember the bringing down of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad during Op. Iraqi Freedom? Turns out that was a staged event. Even the beloved MSNBC ran a report on the staging of the toppling of the statue to get a response from the Iraqi people, and the American's at home watching thinking victory was occurring.

Psyops doesn't stop on the battlefield, its happening in almost every American's home everyday, for many decades. Instead of leaflets, the entertainment industry, Hollywood, etc, is all geared towards evoking a desired response from the population.