20 October 2008

Democracy is Tyranny of Majority

usa is a republic of sovereign states, not a coast to coast control grid you stupid fucks. sorry but this shit pisses me off. this is liberty and freedom we are talking about. something, i ain't feeling too much of in this life. and i don't want to waste my life, that i don't know if i'm coming back to see personally again- waste in a sorry shit fuck ass dick hard on disease society.

i always been confused about the difference between a democracy and republic. growing up you here republic for which it stands and then on tv you hear democracy this, democracy that. wtf, they ain't the same thing.

no no no no, republic, is small scale govt, something to help settle disputes in court. i'm the man, no body fucks with me, i don't fuck with no body, simple. get off, don't hurt me, mind your business, believe any stupid thing you want.

democracy, an asshole in DC that don't know me, but got the backing of shit load of turd pukes drunk on the promise land on the tale of hale bopp, want to restrict me from almost every activity under the sun and moon, FUCK you buddy.

a president is nobody. we give them power. the more authority you give to the person the more he has over you. right now its outta control. govt should be kept simple. small town simple. freedom and liberty for all, thats true respect.

people think that drug addicts and terrorists are normal in society. i beg to differ. what happens when you outlaw and disrespect human rights, when you put thousands of restrictions on guns and drugs, what is that going to produce? thousands of criminals.

when everything is free and stable, you mind your business, you do your part to respect freedom nobody is going to want to kill each other for no reason, out of jealousy, out of necessity, out of blood lust, out of addiction.

when shit is legal and out in the open there won't be shame and secrets, dark underworlds of crime.

if i didn't give a fuck about drugs and thought nothing of it, like it was just some stupid thing you can but why do it? then what power would drugs have?

now you got a bunch of lost souls, that got hooked on something, and function in dark underworlds doing god knows what to avoid prison, prosecution, embarrassment, shame, humiliation, to avoid the consequences of life in general.

more laws create more corruption. it creates backstabbing people. it creates con artists. it creates rapists, serial killers, evil cops, brainwashed zombies.

its time to stop giving power to some slimy scum bag in a bomb bunker in DC and give yourself and your own competence some credit. go ahead, pat your self on the back, and say i can think for my self.

think of a world with no signs, no suggestions. no speed limits, no road signs, a stable currency, fair trade, peace, and a govern what? yeah, a president would be the least of your worries cuz you wouldn't need a scum bag slime ball dictating whats good for you.

you are the shit. you are the funniest person in the world. you have the best ideas. you have are the best friend. you are the greatest mom, greatest dad, you family, your ancestors, its all respect. no fucking big shit is gonna intervene on my peace. and the people that do should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

difference between a democracy and republic

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Mike Lyons Williams said...

wow. that video is very interesting. I never really thought about the fact that the socialized education system is negative until reading and watching this. Thank you for posting some interesting, relevant material as usual.