11 November 2008

My Solution

Things are not going to change by working on a global scale. There should be no world authority that is not spiritual.

Globalism is not by virtue, a system for the average man, and it actually takes away liberty and individuality of him. Instead we must look to our local community to create a peaceful, harmonious, organized society, that will be under close scrutiny, observant and courageous against any signs of corruption.

Ideally, the local community should work towards self sufficiency. It should operate its own currency based on a precious metal system, fiat currency is prone to counterfit, and inflation.

However these few solutions may be infeasible at this moment, here are some practical solutions; stop buying plastic materials. There is research being done with results stating that male birth rates are on the decline. Also, chemicals in plastic, cause low sperm counts, and loss of fertility in males.

Plastic is a global tool. Think about it, if our local communities became self sufficient, our reliance on global institutions like walmart and target for everyday supplies, and furnishments would be reduced. Instead of going to Walmart for a piece of furniture for example, a buyer could go to a local artisan for the same thing. That would be healthier for the environment, and economy. You would be supporting the local economy, and

Corporate business have put many smaller business out of business, causing a shift in way of life. No longer are humans creative, artisans, able to blow pottery, build cabinets, goldsmith, ironsmith, etc. Those duties have been replaced by a trip to Walmart, and watching the brainwashing TV.

The world would also be more aesthetic, beautiful, pleasing to the eye. Possibly even more sensitive to these things. I'm sure my educated friends are familiar with the Ancient Greek pottery, the amazing Ancient Chinese Laquer and jade works, and countless other cultural relics throughout history.

These things have been lost to globalism. Cultures of the past were based on its communities being self sufficient. If we gain back our creative culture, we would no longer be dependent on Singapore sweatshops pumping out a million lethal plastic products a day.

We would have our own artisans producing higher quality more spiritual, beneficial products. We would gain back the Greek pottery, the Navajo pottery, the Chinese Jade, and so much more. People will no longer be estranged to their community. The Martinez, the Gomez, the Hernandez, everybody would be known for their contributions.

We need to get back to a culture that has its own culture. We need cultural products or else we are not a culture. We are generic Made in China fascimilies of a throw away society.

So, stop funding the machine. Stop buying cheap plastic knock offs. Plastics are bad. See this documentary, The Declining Male.

So this is my vision of a better world. It looks like the Wang Hui scroll, "Southern Imperial Inspection Tour". Check out the film with David Hockney, "A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China, of Surface is Illusion but so is Depth"


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Soldier of Art. I'm trying to understand your idea of soldier for art. I think this post helps me understand. It is not necessarily militant in the sense of fighting another, but the war can be waged in other ways.
The self sufficient community lives and dies with the self sufficient citizen.