23 September 2008

What is peace by a being of authority.

well, i like the first line about peace being soldiers not having to go to war. i like soldiers that fight for good and truth. its frightening to think that our soldiers are being taught a slanted ideology to defend. these are matters of intense spiritual deliberation, not expected to disturb a person's contentment, but place in perspective all that must be confronted one day. either in this life, or another. the psychology carries on, passes from lifetime to lifetime whatever it is.

the authority figure said we fight waste billions of dollars fighting wars for peace. I don't consider our modern war epidemic as fighting to maintain peace. That view point the authority figure expressed is that from which it is spoken. I kind of get the impression from the song 'Give Peace a Chance" implies the carnage of war. everything else that authority said was good to hear from such a being.

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