19 August 2008

For Sale, List of Available Original Art

Here is a list of Art I have available to be sold and where you can see the pix at on my blog.

The following are available:
$160....Battle for the Sky, 2005, ink on paper

$120....Wheel of Fortune in da Woods, 2005, ink on paper

$160....The Reenactment, 2005, ink on paper

$300....Searing Wound, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

$300.....Whore Nation, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

Man of Sorrows, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

Precious Cargo, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

all unframed, mounted on black board with abstract hand drawn designs in gold ink

$300....One Last Cruise Through the Hood, acrylic on panel, 2007, 9x12in

$120......9/11 Was an Inside Job, acrylic on illustration board, 2007, 8x10in

$1,200.Sacrifice for Molech at Bohemian Grove

Contact me: urban.cobra @ yahoo.com (no spaces, take'em out, spam prevention)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bert! It's Karie. The soccer ball has a pentagon on it (five sided polygon)and is referred to as sacred geometry. I believe one of my older blogs has info on this or I posted it on a bulletin a while back.

So when I think of a soccer ball and your analysis of the Olympics (which I was not supporting as you probably know if you have been reading my bulletins)i'm reminded of the looking glass technology? Its a technology that was being used to look into the future. It was dug up in Sumar and was in the posession of Kadafi in Libya (which is why they attacked Libya)who got rid of it and gave it to Saddam who was using it to look into the future. The U.S. gov went after it. Anywho...watch this. Oh and have you checked out www.realitysandwich.com? Peace and love!