11 August 2008

Albert's 2012 speculation

the other day NASA announced it found signs of water of Mars.

The Olympics with those interlaced rings designed by Hitler commenced on a strange, obsessive compulsive time, 08-08-08 at 08:08:08pm in communist China that is beating up on its citizens and has soldiers in every other picture of the olympic games, and aren't they beating up on Burma?

Now a war is escalating between Russia and their small neighboring country Georgia, that the satanist George Bush is condemning.

There's also speculation about a US attack on Iran.

What all this looks like is some sort of ritual taking place. You got these big fantastical myriad of games played inside a bird's nest, that kicked off on an occultic day, you got tensions in the world that are about to burst. Its like a circus.

Its like a celebration of death, war, and destruction.

The Russian's are nobody to mess with. They aren't pushovers like the Iraqi's. Look up the Spetsnaz on youtube, they mean business. Some of the toughest motha fuckers I've seen.

What all this boils down to for me is the year 2012. We can see that the people that run the show, they are into numbers, dates and times. Those type of things refer to astrology, or the stars. Thats what the 2012 day is based on, the cosmos.

So I hear that the Vatican is saying its okay to believe in aliens. There's nothing wrong with believing in aliens. With the announcement of signs of water on Mars, and the US' interest of building a forward base on the moon, that is, a place to launch attacks from from alien invaders; I think something intergalactic is going to be unveiled.

I think that the human race right now is being programmed to destroy itself. And then, in one last hoorah, join together and fight the alien threat. And eventually lose.

Do your research into the Bible. If you interpret it differently, using your symbolic mind, that your rational scientific mind has nearly destroyed, you can get into the mindset of our ancient ancestors.

You know how there is a loss of translation between languages right? Its the same way with the ancient humans and today. They spoke differently because they used a different type of thinking. Thats why art is important to us, because it still uses this type of thinking, thinking in symbols.

So if you look correctly at the bible you can start to find a ancient history of the world. Research Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion. They are good at explaining the bible from a symbolic rationale.

Personally, I'm into the wisdom of the orient, or the Tao, and Buddhism. One of the main tenants of that way of thinking, is that the universe is within you.

The atrocities that are happening right now, and what they are leading up to can only be fought one way, that is with higher levels of consciousness. The human condition of today's man is awful. We've lost sight of the power of our inner strength to harness the universe. Most people will probably believe that it can't be done.

The universe is Buddha consciousness. Everything is happening in the third dimension. If aliens are real, then they live in the third dimension, although they have technology to travel between the dimensions, but they have the same drives as we do. Buddha consciousness is the wisdom, the universal knowledge. That is the greatest tool, weapon we have to combat the forces of evil.

In Buddhism, the life you live now, positions your life force for the next life, karma. You can be born as anything. A rock, a frog, grass, a grain of sand, a human, or an alien from another planet. I think the best karma goes to a sentient being. I think the evil, or negative energy gets the worst reincarnation, like a roach or a slug.

I think thats nature's way of restoring order in the universe. So, to combat the psychic tyranny right now, and to preserve homo sapiens on this planet, we got to look deep within our selves and find that higher states of awareness. Realize your individual potential and stop being herded to the extreme negative forces hell bent on destruction.

You can die in all this. Thats the point. Who knows if you are going to live at the hands of the negative forces ruling the planet. They operate blindly. If war does escalate to the point of massive destruction than you can be part of that loss of life that is happening today. The Russians got nukes. The US gots nukes.

I don't know, maybe I'm too concerned with life and all the things that haven't been accomplished and I should not worry about death and destruction.

It ain't like that. Think bigger than nations. Think bigger than secret societies. Think bigger than freemason's.

I think the agenda is intergalactic. Look into what I'm talking about. I'm just giving you a look at whats going on in my mind from all the information I've absorbed.

If there's any validity to this, its to think with your imagination, and put an end to the small minded quarrels that are destroying our potential way of life. I;m sick of it. I didn't want to be born into a world like this. I don't want to have to think about losing my family and friends because of war and bombs.

Stop living in Shangrila, and editing out the bad stuff. Fully integrate your mind.

The universe is within your sack of skin and guts. Deep wisdom, and realization is going to rid the world of the psychic tyranny that is permitting atrocities to happen. There's a war on for your mind. This is a battle of ideology most of all. I say if you want the fastest way to wisdom, look at Buddha. but if you ain't into purple robes and floating on clouds, than read the Tao Te Jing. Thats more straight up knowledge.

Anyway, learn to say no. No to the bull shit they putting on your plate, bathing you in. Rubbing all over your body.

The bible is more about how we came to be. I don't know the wisdom in it. I see it more as super advanced aliens occupied earth before humans, and created us by mixing their DNA with ours. Look it up, its really interesting, mind opening exercise and puts all these current global matters to shame. Totally blows humans fighting with humans out of the water, and that is the way you need to think. think big, think universe.

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