26 August 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony, A Symbolic Ritual

Obama, the face of a police state dictator.I hardly saw any 2008 Olympics. I didn't care for them. I was turned off by the violence of the Communist China police state.

I did make an effort to see the closing ceremony. I knew it would be filled with occult symbols, and that it was.

Images of the ceremony are not available online. They are copy protected by NBC. So I have to go off small, mixed references.

Fig. 1
I remember the ceremony began with a awesome fireworks display shooting from the top and around the "Egg", the stadium where the games were held. The Egg in itself is a feminine symbol. This ceremony was filled with feminine qualities of birth and insemination of the womb. The Chinese event was said to incorporate the use of circles. The circle is a symbol of femininity. Its an opening like a vagina. Its a closing like a womb.

I know that Zen is represented by a circle, this event was not Zen l
ike. It was more a fertilization ritual. I noticed the color red, a dark rich red, like blood from a vagina during her period. It was fertile blood.

Its hard to describe what I was seeing without visuals to point out they erotic symbols. For the most part, it took place as a egg being artificially inseminated by a phallic like point. This occurred during the passing of the olympics to London. That took place on a circular stage surrounded by performers dressed in the red color. (Fig. 1)

After a period of time, a bus bearing the label London 2012, drove in a semi circle through the stadium, to a London style bus stop. Out of the back door of the bus a
little girl comes out. I think she has a soccer ball, which might be of importance. (fig. 2)

The child comes out the bus as a seemingly new creation. I think we are watching a symbolic ritual of artificial insemination. We are watching a creation myth. Either of whats to come, or what has happened before. Either way, its a myth of artificial insemination.

The child walks around the bus stop and re-enters the bus while walking on the backs of the people waiting for the bus.

fig. 2

Then, the bus opens up like a flower, or some kind of laboratory. the walls peel away and cold down. A beautiful, British pop star, who appears to be a fair skinned, black woman, emerges on a platform that rises at least 15 ft above the bus. underneath her platform is a with a double helix reef. A double helix is a symbol of DNA, genetic code. (Fig. 3)

After she sings a song, an aged, white haired, Jimmy Page, guitar legend, who is known to dabble, if not be a full fledged occultist, comes out on a platform that is mid way below the woman's. He is wielding his guitar, phallic symbol and seems to be doing a seductive courtship performance. The TV cameras periodically zoom into his waste and guitar, emphasizing the phallus.

Fig. 3

Jimmy Page appears to be an Adamic man (Fig. 5), the woman seems to be an Eve. Her platform lowers to the man's level, and she enters his platform and they dance and sing. (Fig. 4) When I saw the young woman, and the older, white haired man, I though of the Albrecht Durer engraving of 1512, Christ in Limbo, that portrays Adam as an older man compared to Eve. I think this is because Adam was created first, and Eve second after the gods decided that Adam needed a partner.

This entire ceremony rang eerie sentiments in my mind. Keep your eyes on London 2012. I don't know what they are trying to tell us. The birth of something. The creation of a new being? The meeting of our creators? New discoveries in genetic manipulation. The final step of implemenitng the new world order?

I suggest that you listen to some Michael Tsarion lectures about the Fall of Atlantis, he tells how our myths of ancient ancestors should be taken more seriously as they are telling a story of the history of man's origins. He says that the book of Genesis has been misenterpreted and should be reevaluated with our understanding of genetic manipulation, and that other cultures tell of the same myth, that man was created by beings from the heavens, beings that came from the sky. He says that humans were created by aliens that altered our DNA to create a species of slaves, but their planned backfired because we turned out to be intelligent and sagacious, not easily controllable, and they have been working all this time to keep us in control. In 2012, they may return to regain control. Idk, about that, but there is more to this ceremony than off the wall theatrics, and blind performance. there is a story being told. even if you pick up on the story, the story is deeper than a simple creation myth.
Fig. 5
Fig. 4


Anonymous said...

Hey Bert! It's Karie. The soccer ball has a pentagon on it (five sided polygon)and is referred to as sacred geometry. I believe one of my older blogs has info on this or I posted it on a bulletin a while back.

So when I think of a soccer ball and your analysis of the Olympics (which I was not supporting as you probably know if you have been reading my bulletins)i'm reminded of the looking glass technology? Its a technology that was being used to look into the future. It was dug up in Sumar and was in the posession of Kadafi in Libya (which is why they attacked Libya)who got rid of it and gave it to Saddam who was using it to look into the future. The U.S. gov went after it. Oh and have you checked out www.realitysandwich.com? Peace and love!

Anonymous said...

So I wasn't allowed to post the tag for the video so i'll send it to you on myspace.