15 August 2008

Innate Fear of Alines?

I always had a fear of aliens. The ones with the big black slanted eyes and dolphin like gray skin. The ones with frail, thin bodies.

My instinct is to hurt these beings. I want to punch one. I want to shoot one. Nobody told me to feel this way. There is an innate feeling, my life preserving instinct says, these are dangerous, like a grizzly bear or mountain lion, fear the alien.

The Christopher Walkin movie where he was meeting those aliens in a forest is was my long time horror movie. I must have been young to be so frightful of a movie. Yet, I never could over come the fear of the movie.

Around the same time, Current Affairs, I think it was was showing interviews and reenactments of abductions. Where aliens would take people away and experiment on them, and make them copulate in forests in the middle of the night.

There are all sorts of things I got programmed into my mind about aliens.

Fire in the Sky is also a movie that scared the shit out of me. Its all instincts. Aliens the movie, and Predator don't have the same impact on my psyche.

I some how had to repress all this stuff about these aliens in order for me to get by. I haven't thought about aliens for more than 10 years. I forced them out my mind. I repressed them. I tried hard to forget that I forgot about my fear of aliens.

To this day I still have the same instinct to resist these aliens.

Where did this fear come from?

Better question, Where did this trauma come from?

Haha, I hope my inner child is right and says they don't exist. I never want to be abducted.

I have a fear of being alone in the woods, or driving in the middle of the night on an isolated road. All because of aliens.

There is shit to learn about these mother fuckers out there. Which is why I'm thinking about these ho's now. My skeletons in the closet are rattling.

Ultimate question, how hard is it to fathom that aliens created us? Would this make me upset?

It does if the aliens want to do something inappropriate to me.

They already might be.

I'll explain later about my take on aliens. Maybe the term means something alien to the consciousness of humanity. Like the powerful mind jargon propaganda is feeding us, maybe that is the alien to fear.

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