14 May 2008


Battle for the Sky, 2005, ink on paper

Wheel of Fortune in da Woods, 2005, ink on paper

The Reenactment, 2005, ink on paper

I got a Cavity Search, Post 9/11, 2005 ink on paper

Party Girls, 2005, ink on paper
2005 I was enrolled at RISD. I was looking at the work of Albrecht Durer heavily. These pieces are my interpretations of some of his master pieces.

Party Girls is my rendition of the Four Witches of 1497 engraving. At the time of this piece, the semester of junior year was completed. I was involved in a deeply passionate relationship, and my partner was visiting family for a couple of weeks and I was spending time with some of my friends involved in the party life. So I went to a summer time party where most of the students have gone home for the summer, but some stayed and there was a party and this drawing came out of that experience. Its one of my favorites because it was done at a time when I felt loved by a woman and happy with my place in the world at the time.

Post 9/11 came in response to my travels between school in Rhode Island and home in Texas. I felt very paranoid each time I went to the airport. I thought it to be invasive and ludicrous for some authority figure to ask me to take off my shoes, my belt, to have the threat of a cavity search looming in the back of your mind. I felt vulnerable, and uneasy about the situation, and any slight quirk in your demeanor would be scrutinized.

I remember once, I was coming down from a hallucinogenic experience, a bad trip at that, and I had to be at the airport to fly home, and when I got to the airport, I was still tripping. The flight information was swirling in spirals, reality was like a photoshop filter effect, I felt very aware of my body and my senses were heightened. I was coming down off a bad trip that became one of my best ones, so I was in this impervious attitude, happy go lucky, happy to be alive, life is great attitude. So then I check my bags through the Xray machine and they clear out ok and I'm tripping out on the signs how they are all being warped and dripping because I'm on drugs. Little did I know I was standing awkwardly long in this one spot looking dazed and confused to everybody else, and the authorities confronted me with suspicion, like we finally got one! But I just turned around and laughed while these TSA agents looked at me in disbelief. I headed to the human cattle line with people shouting at you to take your shoes off, and better not have contraband, I was hoping they didn't find out I was tripping. All the contraband was eaten a few hours before.
I've been to airports always sleep deprived, hungover, on hallucinogenic drugs, high on weed, high on speed, drunk, and a mixture of all these things. Airports are ridiculous and this drawing I did in 2005 documents how I feel about traveling through them. Ludicrous!

Wheel of Fortune was done at the dinner table as entertainment one day. I couldn't believe I came up with the piece, as it turned out to be clear and fast, I usually have struggled with clarity in my drawing ability as seen in the Reenactment piece.

Battle for the Sky was done in respect to Durer's Apocalypse woodcut of Micheal Slaying the Demon. I was liking the violent yet comical nature of the piece because I thought it to be funny. I tried to put my interpretation of what violence was to me at the time, but as you can see, my approach is still rather tame. On the back of the piece I wrote that the piece to me means a fight with subconcious demons.

In all, 2005 was the year I began drawing with cross hatching. The work is often expressive of my romantic view of art at the time. It also came from a time in my life where I was involved in a consuming relationship with a person I greatly loved.

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