14 May 2008

Man of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

ode to Albrecht Durer, Christ as the Man of Sorrows, 1493, oil on panel
Although the Man of Sorrows is typically a reference to Christ, holy compassion that is refuted by society so Christ is this person that knows better, and is living in a world that is corrupted so that causes the sorrow. For me in this piece, I hand the vivid vision of this lovely work by the young Durer. I like the composition, the iconic nature of it. So I wanted to talk about people that feel sorry for themselves. I wanted to dig deeper, or at least graphically represent the causes, or the turmoil a delicate mind faces in this modern age. How the need to have love and nurturing must be satisfied and how not having that causes deep mental anguish. How feeling alienated from sex, love, and finances cause a person to lose sight of their ultimate existance and in turn decide life is not worth living due to the societal pressures of having lots of sex and having lots of money. So when those things aren't met, a person can feel depressed, angry, resentful towards the life he was given. No matter how good your potential may be, the powers of sex and money out weigh a persons will to thrive in a shallow, materialistic world.
For me this piece represents my contemplations of my own lack of willpower to live at times, but at the same time, I reverse that mentality and manipulate it as all the more reason to live, or at least I do live in my artwork that gets me past following the path of commercial fuck life.

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