14 May 2008

Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo, 2008, ink on paper, 11x15 in.

This piece was done in response to information reported on that Mexican troops have fired upon Border Patrol Agents to escort drug cartels. The mainstream media largely ignores this to be happening. hmmmmm.....
So this is my piece on how drugs are brought into the USA by Mexican troops and the Border Agents have no idea whats going on and neither does the public as expressed in the Cocaine Orgy that gets Raided by the Feds. But possibly the government does as hinted at in the window with the Senator about to fuck a Mexican Virgin Sex Slave.
The drugs are brought into the USA knowingly by higher up secretive government agents and distributed to the public, then, you take the bait and get punished severely by the same people that allowed the drugs to happen. Once you are imprisoned, you are pretty much fucked! Shackled and chained working for a nickle an hour. God Bless the USA!

Albert Alvarez in Mexico

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