13 June 2008

For those that think I'm crazy/insane

Fuck you first of all.

and to back me up, Marcus Aurelius
"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. "

Marilyn Manson said, that the best ideas come from a child or a person that is insane. Isn't that right? Unfortunately for me, I've talked to more insane people that children, so I got more insanity in me I guess than I need.

Every once in a while I'll want to talk to an insane person. Other than that, I want people to think I'm the insane person. I am crazy, as I try to explain here on this online blogness. Unlike an insane person, I'm aware of the fact that my crazy thoughts are a form of entertainment and inspiration so I can't get away with murder- God Damn it!

There's no one I want to kill personally. I think there are people that should be burned at the stake, or executed by firing squad, like Bush and Cheney for one, and anybody else of the elite ruling powers that we could bring to justice, than hell yeah, mother fuckers deserve to die. Shit they've killed a lot a people, I'm surprised nothing has been done about that yet.

Anyways, the Law of Attraction. This idea slips away from me. Sometimes I'm in the zone, where I like to be, in a good mood, but somehow I've managed to get mixed up in the wrong crowds, seems like there are people that present themselves as my counterpart but than shapeshift like an evil reptilian, than I have to shapeshift like a reptilian.

So I'm trying to be happy funny Albert. I am fucking crazy no doubt. Peep this:
"Sometimes I think my shit is too brutal for most/ I might be the only one capable of digesting the dose"
Necro, Poetry in the Streets

There you have it. That about sums up my disposition on where I'm coming from. Aside from that, I try to be funny about things. Funny about serious issues. You got to pay homage to the almighty serious issues. If ya don't you're avoiding the truth. A lot of people avoid the cold hard facts. I'm right there in the thick of it, I realize the crazy shit and want expose it but I got to work into it.

Whatever, its all about the law of attraction. What you know about that?

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