10 June 2008

Prices are Rising

Prices are rising by the hour it feels like. Most obviously the price of gas. Then the price of food. All the while, peoples wages stay the same. If costs keep rising, and wages stay the same, people won't be able to afford the quality of life they are used to. We are supposed to be living in a first world country. This is truly sad to see our country sick, I'd hate to use the term, on its death bed.

I'm not exactly sure but I heard that when Hitler came to power, Germany was in a economic depression where people were taking wheel barrels of money to buy a loaf of bread at the market. That is what our economic situation is turning into. The thing that is outrageous and heart breaking is that everybody thinks there is a shortage in oil, when there are rumors from credible sources that the mainstream media won't bring you, that there are hundreds of years worth of oil in our very own country.

The powers that be are conditioning us right now to accept our new lifestyle. A meager, third world, struggling vapid waste land.

Prices are not steady. Prices need to be steady. Or what is the point of acquiring money, where one minute you have enough for dinner, you order your plate of food for $50 and by the time you are finished eating, the value of the money has dropped, so now the meal price has been raised to $600. I've heard that story from a friend that was in the Navy while in Somolia or some third world country like that, that you have to pay for your food first because the currency wasn't stable.

Now, I never know if I have enough money to go out. I remember something like a soda, which I don't drink anymore, but its something I've been able to keep an eye on, used to cost $.59. Now, its a whole dollar more. It isn't because the soda is of better quality. Its because the value of the currency has diminished.

The true problem with the rising prices is the value of our currency. The dollar is a printed piece of paper from a source that is not written in the constitution. Our founding fathers already new of the atrocities of a fiat currency. There is no value in the currency. It is written in the Constitution that we are to use gold and silver as money, because you can't make more of it. Its a stable currency.

There is going to be a meltdown. The currency is slipping faster than I assumed. I hear people on the Alex Jones Show, financial experts, market analysis, people that are astute in matters such as economics, and they have been talking about the dollar falling. Its going fast. When energy, food, water comes to the point where we can't afford it anymore, there is going to be a breaking point.

The thing is, I can't really see myself or my neighbors, or anyone I know, rioting. I can probably see increased police forces. I can imagine SWAT team forces standing guard grocery stores. Officers with full auto sub machine guns, assualt rifles, riot gear, bullet proof armor, dressed in olive green fatigues. I can't imagine there be fighting. There will be increased police forces before there will be riots.

After months of police forces standing guard at street corners and supermarkets, than maybe you will start hearing about riots at Las Palmas shopping center. The riots here in San Antonio would probably start on the West side. Thats because I know that area better, but I think in the deep east side, like around the AT&T Center, there could be an backlash.

Just get ready for astronomical energy, food, gas, water, prices. The only thing that could prevent that is a change in our currency not our presidency. The only viable candidate Ron Paul has been ignored by the fucktards of America. There is no change in Obama you weak minded fools. We are being screwed over royally by this crap. Wake up and smell the rotting sewag at your door. America is in its last throes.

While all this is happening, while the wool has been pulled over our eyes, war with Iran will be getting under way. All of this for no reason. Incredible what whores we are. To be fucked, gang raped by psychopaths. Do people care about their lives anymore? Wow, this has all been engineered. We are in the midst of a strategic plan to cripple America and the world. The fight must come from within.

There is no good guy country this time around to stop tyrrany and oppression. There are no allied powers. The Allied powers are in kahootz with the bad guys. The whole world is bad. From Mao's China to just about any country you can think of. There are more bad joint forces than any good ones. Good is severely outnumbered by bad. We are in a crisis situation.

Good will prevail. We just got to wake up. The powers that be hate your living guts. They love death. They love for us to die slow, painful, miserable lives. They love for us to be weak. They love to torture. They love being in power. This is their art project. This is their masterpiece. Think of it that way. They care about making you suffer.

Wake up now. Our lives are being ruined!

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