27 June 2008


"I'm ambitious for leaving you in stitches" Necro

Ambition I always was taught is a negative trait. Only recently like in the past week or so have I started to think otherwise. Marcus Aurelius said a man is only worth his ambitions. What I was taught prior to that was ambition is some sort of power seeking journey that ultimately consumes all men who take that path.

I guess ambition can be noble, or it can be negative. It depends what you are going after. Also, it appears, how much you can get away with.

The feeling of ambition in my life is about a leap of faith. I want to land in a great, pleasant area, with pillows, cushions, beautiful arabian virgins feeding me grapes and wine, in some wealthy prince's palace some where in NYC. I want to be extremely healthy and fit, confident, reassured by capital and energetic for more passion. I want my mind to give way to passion and let reason subside for a few hours and have the greatest sex of my life with these women. That would make a great porno. I got to get into the porn biz.

Haha, don't let that be the catalyst of my ambition purpose. Although a lot of materialistic precedent is apparent in my ambition, I also want to contribute to the truth, freedom, liberation movement. I'm sure, confident that freedom will destroy all overt forms of tyranny. I'm on the right side, even though my viewpoints seem out of the ordinary.

So my ambition feels like a parade of grand army, marching through the streets of a metropolis, with fleets of nuclear warheads being driven on tanks and the entire nations jeers on, celebrating the might and power of their country's military's force strength. Thats how strong I feel, thats my artistic, business, personal strength and power for all that is my life force that will drive me to the greatest success an artist can honestly have.

I don't want to be a unheard of, dirt poor artist. That is failure. Failure is not an option. The message is important even if you don't get it, thats okay, you are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Atleast appreciate the art aesthetically.

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