11 June 2008

Things Have to Be Violent

For me, extreme violence is the revenge I get off to because of the wimpy, won't go there attitude of society that is expressionless and meaningless, slave society. Now that I have found out the secret to being an American, freedom of speech, absolute expression so long as I don't premeditate anything, that is my number one desire.

I drive off of hurting you with art. Art is my machine gun. Art is my AK-47. I'm an expert marksman, you don't fuck with me. I've got a serious mental, pathological neurosis here. I'm ready to drop the most graphic, intense art you will ever have to deal with. I grew up crazy, this world never knew what to do with me. I always feel like my next step is prison. In a way I am a prisoner, alienated from the population. My views are extreme because I'm a true artist. I paint through a tip. Just like artists 500 years ago, my first reaction is to work with a point, something that will give me quality lines the my mind draws them.

Today I am fortunate enough to be equipped with the most advanced tools that allow you to make art even faster than before. Lucky me, which is why I envision progress to be faster than other artists 500 years back. It took Durer to the age of 28 to be world renowned at the time. Through printing press which was all the rage back then. Today is the internet. You only the the mechanics of simple interfaces that allow you to divulge information at the speed of a CPU processor, which are pretty fast now a days.

Back to the topic at hand. Violence will set me apart from others. I'm not trying to do blind violence, I'm trying to be poetic and blatant with my art. There seems to be a reason that violence is largely kept out of the public eye. I'm on the public level right now. I have to be vulgar and obscene to showcase my pathway into the abyss. By coming out and steadfast saying that I'm a crazy mother fucker that wants to draw pictures of brutal violence than that is the path I will be headed down. For most people, they take the safe route. I intend to be the antithesis of safe. The only thing safe about my art is the care and perfectionism in the way the art is handled.

I own perfectionism. Thats my thing. My art is always going to be meticulous. It all depends what I am depicting. That is the flesh and bones of the statement I'm trying to make with my passion.

You can say I'm desensitized to violence. I'm looking for life through violence. I'm looking to what drove somebody to be violent. At the same time its a journey into why I'm drawn to violence. What makes me violent? Why do I have to get off this way? Why do I make it hard for myself to succeed?

I want things to be a challenge. I want to in 5 years from now look back in amazement. I want to see what I have accomplished from being a barrior boy, to making a better life for myself all through the respect the duty of my art has brought me.

I've got an invincible attitude towards life. I was born simple but I got a complex code to crack something the CIA can't hack. You mother fuckers are going to pay for what you done. I'm after the powers that be that made life difficult for me. For me not being born into a loving world. For me not being born strong and outspoken. For being force fed lies. For being lonely in my perception, vision, philosophy.

I escaped brainwashing through violence. I have to show the true horrors of war. I have to put you through psychological torment. Its the only way you will learn. What I do has to be ingrained in history for the benefit of humanity. This is my quiet ride. Albert, with a soft spoken voice, speaks strong in another way. Through art.

I'm aware of the big picture. I'm trying to script my success. I'm playing a game. I'm trying to be the hardest player to beat. I'm trying to set an example. I teach by setting an example. I'm trying to learn all the moves. I'm looking at what works. I'm mimicking what works.

These are the hardest days of my life. I write that here so that one day it will be looked back on for future reference. I can't wait to have a fan base. I can't wait to inspire people with my art. I know what inspiration is. I have art heroes. I'm just glad I was able to find them, just by being able to experience the artworks and learn as much as I can from the artists is the joy of my life. I'm just a person that loves the art of another, and I want to give that to the whoever needs it. Right now there is a need for brutal, explicit art that defies institutionalized memorandum. I want to be an extension of the genius that has inspired me to want to reach for genius.

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