07 June 2008

SA Museum of Art curator sponsors Albert Alvarez


David Rubin, the Curator for contemporary art at SAMA is going to be sponsoring me at this years Blue Star RedDot event. I feel honored to be sponsored by David cuz he has a long career in art, he's worked at art museums all across the country, most recently at the
worked at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. He graduated from Harvard. He taught art history at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. His career is too long for my short term memory. He's seen a lot of art over his career and its great that he is helping me out. Thats whats really great about David is his mentoring, he's been guiding me through the art world over the past few years. We both arrived in San Antonio at about the same time 2 years ago. Since then, he's been very supportive and open minded to some of the crazy shit I been going through. He's a good listener, and gets things done. This man would probably take a bullet for art. jk, David, but thanks for your help. You're the man!

and if he weren't lucky enough, this is now his, Good Trip/Bad Trip

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