30 July 2008


My research into the illuminati has brought me to the doorstep of Satanism. That term doesn't quite describe what Satan they worship as there are many devils not to be confused with the Satan of the Freemason's.

They worship Baphomet, the hermaphrodite goat headed, female torso with wings of a bat and goat legs. Evidently the Freemason's devote architecture to this creature, a sexual union of male and female. The male is the phallus. Phallus comes from the greek word phalos that means "white" or "bright". Which is the sun. Light is what illuminates all that we can sense through our eyes. Hence the all seeing eye. If the Freemason's can control what you see, they control your mind.

Anyways, all this Satanic stuff of Freemasonry comes from ancient religions of Egypt and Babylon. They still worship the Egyptian god Ra. Thats why the Pyramid with the all seeing eye appears on the back of the dollar bill. It comes from the Freemason's and their ties to ancient Egypt. I guess thats also why that culture is one that we are supposed to be fascinated with. Its know wonder the ancient Egyptian culture is marketed like the essential ancient history all people should know about.

As with all things, I think you should do a little bit of research yourself into this. I'm already getting critisized about thinking about Satanism. People assume its nuts, even more nuts than aliens and reptilians. Just to let you know, I'm serious about this new research I'm doing. Research has never taken on a magnitude like this in my art process. This is heavy, indepth, complex material that must also be ordered and synthesized into an original work of art for people to be able to process the information and question the reality of phenomenon.

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