05 September 2008

The God of Religion Concept

The God of religion is a concept that does not address the issue of matters of life, rather diverts the attentions of people to submissive minds.

Life is inherently meaningless. A person creates meaning out of his own life. This is key when wondering why you have thoughts. There are no thoughts, only harmony.

To say that a grand God of justice and wrath lives in the heavens takes away from the power of ones own actions.

A person's actions create change. A person's perceptions alter perception. There is no God of the Hallmark, mall gift cards. Your mind and actions are the meaning of the universe.

Now, we have a basis for cause and effect. Your actions are the cause and effect. The original perception of the mind is clarity, clear mental vision, unobstructed by any conceived, contrived notions of anything. The mind is not a body, that is why people have profound experiences saying they felt out of their body.

Your body is a living, biological organism with the highest potential for clear mental perception, which is the highest rationale that there is, it is the God, the Tao, Buddha Consciousness, Zen, Nirvana.

So there is no God that sits behind the gates of heaven watching you. You are the viewer participating. You are the justice of the universe. The power of life is you, me, everybody.

Understand then, that all the bad, evil that exists in the world, is not a defiance of God, but an indulgence in the delights of deviant behavior from the Nirvana mind. These bad forces are created by the mind of a man.

Man has the power to change the world. God is not going to come down from heaven in flowing white robes. A person is the powerhouse of the universe. Your mind has the potential for mental clarity.

You already have clear mental vision. It is only obstructed by not keeping it clear, and filling it with junk. This is why the powers that be, that control the media, and politics, deliver circuses to you, so that you fall victim to their deceit, so that your mind is never clear, so that you are brainwashed by false love.

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