07 September 2008

Did you see the MTV Music Awards?

i saw less than 10 mins of it and i'm about to go off on that BS

first off, the host of the show, whatever he was dressed like, a blend of punk rock, burlesque drag, which is peculiar enough, but what bothered me most is his british accent.

in case you didn't know, the british was the number one enemy of the united states. its not the russians, its not the afghans, or whatever, our worst enemy is, was, the british.

now we got them on our teley? bloody hell, whats going on here?

all of a sudden, the new trend in teeny bopper culture thinks its cool to be british. we need to cultivate our own identity before filling our minds with somebody elses agenda straight outta buckingham palace.

do you know who is british royalty bloodline? you guessed it, george bush. you can trace his family tree and it goes back to british monarchs or something. look it up yourself.

point is, the british are taking back this country and its people. look around, its hardcore tyranny we're are living in.
isn't that what the revolutionary war was about, to get these punks off our back, now we are back under tyranny, and surprise, guess who runs the country? guess who our role models are for the young?

so you got this punk on mtv promoting the british culture to young impressionable teeny bopper americans, who are some the most dumbed down, delinquent people on planet earth, sucking this bullshit down like a liquid candy, all for a rush.

i want my people back!

the host was unusually hyper active and had potty humor, absolute, no intelligence, no wit, talking about putting olympic rings on his penis and sex immediatley after the show while thinking about britney spears.

britney spears was given 3 awards! can you believe that? they must have been for most times for escaping rehab and the justice system. an award for losing custody of your children. damn straight.

my lil sister was watching this shit.

thats how bad this brainwashing is. my lil sister would choose what that hyper active, decadent 13 year old boy trapped inside a hermaphrodite looking body, had to say versus her own blood brother.

the fool learns from his own mistakes.

if he talks about playing with his penis in front of a crowd young people and talks about having sex was an important thing for him to do than these things must be cooooooooool. he is so cool, he has a cool accent, i like the way he is dressed, he is hot, i will follow you forever.

ahhhhhhhhh! i feel like this world is out of control. last week i thought there was some progress made with people awakening to the bull shit of the world, how everything is controlled by psychotic maniacs that want to destroy you. well, i take that back. its overwhelming how many fools there are today.

the dumbing down of america is escalating.

and for all my friends that want "change" the new brainwashing mantra, "change, me want change" well y'all sound like a bunch of zombies saying "i want brains" "give me your brains" "brains/change" similar right?

seriously, c'mon.
the host of the awards show was saying at the end of the show, he was proclaiming how the young crowd was so energetic and that thats the kind of "energy that is going to change the world"

i say, if that mother fucker is saying change the world, than that about does it for the future of the world. we're going out in a big fucking slimy orgy in a cesspit.

and when you wake up, the world will be a little bit darker and colder than when you left, when you were a child, and the world was warm and playful, you'll be wondering where it all went when you're slaving away for crumbs of cake to stay alive. when your licking the boots of the storm troopers begging them to spare your life but kill my brother he's the crazy one.

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