23 September 2008


GAT (Guardian Againt Tyranny), 8.5x11in, Digital print, 2008.
$10, 1/70.

During these increasingly dark days, impending fear of a Great Depression, and all other things I'm experiencing on an individual level, have needed me to be strong. My heart longed to see a true, good warrior. That good will not be vanquished with impunity, but a force to be reckoned with. Thus is my GAT. I strong need to see a fighting spirit on the side of positive energy.

Also, if I were to be robbed in my home, killed, or something, I would want to be around one of these. I want my home to be surrounded in spirits, I want the last thing a person sees to be a valiant figure; a stoic figure; an angry figure; a peaceful figure; a gnarly wrinkled in anger face. I want sculptures of demons, and stuff to ward off negative energy. Seeing something like this, strikes an empathetic discipline in me. This expresses strength and death, or death and strength. This represents power to live another day. To stand up against negativity. To ward off evil spirits.

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