09 September 2008

A Recent Nightmare About a Decapitation of a Loved One

I was taking a shower at night. I could hear/sense my family outside the bathroom, everybody going about their business. Periodically, at home we can hear gunshots, and this arouses the family's curiosity and panic sometimes.
After showering, I was trying to get dressed. As I was doing this I heard gunfire. This gun fire sounded like AK-47 machine gun fire. The blasts and bangs of the weapon discharge sounded like the barrel of the rifle was near by.
I was struggling to put my clothes on, like I was drunk or in a state of feebleness. My family was calling out to me to see what I thought of the gunfire. Finally, after what seemed like a futile struggle I was able to dress myself and open the door of the bathroom and enter the chaotic epidemic which was starting to unfold.
I asked where the shots had came in from, but nobody in my family seemed to be concerned, more or less, excited about hearing those types of gunshots in close proximity. Mystery and danger were like a potion, elixir of feeling alive.
Suddenly, through the front door, my brother pops in, laughing hysterically, and behind him, a large, early 20s woman, dressed in Bloods Red gang attire comes hurling through the door. This person seemed frightened and was seeking shelter.
She didn't stay for long, but ran to the rear of the house, out the back door, hopped a fence to the alley, and took off into the darkness.
Meanwhile, my brother and I were closing the blinds on the windows so nobody could see what was happening in our home.
My family questioned my brother of the stranger he brought into our home, and if that had anything to do with the gunfire we had just heard, and he denied anything, and seemed to be in a laughing mood.
Now, I'm not sure how I got to this place, but I was at some sort residence with my brother. I think he needed to hide. At this home, it seemed to be dug into the side of a hill. The porch was cluttered and cramped, much like the living quarters. The people living there seemed like the underground, dregs of society type people.
I think I needed to hide as well. The feeling was assumed that the gun fire was directed at my home, and there was a mysterious enigma searching for me, and wanted me dead. At this home I was led by unknown figures to an underground series of dark, dirt cave tunnels. This felt like large portion of time being wasted wandering through the tunnels. I remember popping up out of the tunnels and it was early morning, like sunrise, and being in a field near a warehouse, and a helicopter with a bright spot light, hovering above us, blowing the field grass around violently.
I remember having to escape this helicopter by running through an unfamiliar neighborhood, the houses were middle upper class, or lower upper class, but the people were unassuming.
I remember having to navigate my way, being as discreet as possible manuevering through backyards with dogs and such, trying to get back to the shelter.
I remember having to hide in a thicket and fenced off area because a car was driving by, and might have been the enigma that was seeking to harm me. The car was a gangsterish lowrider cadilac with big sliver rims, brown paintjob.
After that threat had passed, I arrived back to the shelter dug into the side of a hill. There a dobeman pincher was mad dogging the driving. This dog seemed aggressive and violent, and there was no calming this animal. So it was trapping us inside the residence.
I remember talking at the screen door to this domicile, to a person that claimed to be a vicious dog, literally, he was talking about how he would bite, and gnaw on a arm or leg of a person if he felt to do so. I was there with another person who the dog man was directing the conversation to primarily; I was there trying to stay on his good side, all the while examining this creature.
The dog man I assumed was the doberman pincer that was at the driveway that had shapeshifted into his humanoid state. The dogman, warewolf was very thin, and riley. His forearm muscles were tense and tight, but displayed power and agression. The warewolfs face was like that of a dog. His bottom jaw protruded, jutted outward like the snout of a k-9, and his mouth was full of pointy teeth. The dog man had a large dog like tongue, and he liked to excersise his chicanery like grin, and his mouth often hung open drooling. A fascinating, frightening figure, I had never seen anything like this before, not even in movie special effects, his jaws were like that of a k-9 and were wide and menacing, he talked about his experiences eating people that crossed his path, he had a short fuse.
A group of little kids, my extended family, who are presently the same age as I but in the dream I saw them as little kids, from back the way we used to be. They came up to me, concerned about their mother and aunt. They said they heard something at night, sounding like a windowbreaking. They said they wanted to see what happened and that they new something bad had happened but wanted to see for themselves no matter what. But they needed me to be there with them, just in case the evil entity was still there. They guided me to an underground room, that was dark and filled with clutter, like a pack rats den. There was a door in the back of this room, and the little girl opened it and instantly screamed, i looked into that room and saw that it had been ransacked and on a bed, in a white night gown lay the girls mother, brutally murdered, and decapitated. I left the room, horrified and shaken, trying to navigate my way holding back fear and trying to keep my wits together, seeking help from police, I searched for a phone. I think I came above ground, and opened a door, that was like a pantry in the ground, I opened the door and made another gruesome discovery, the decapitated head of a loved one. It was the worst sight I had ever seen. The sight was very personal and traumatic. I nearly lost my mind. I batted around through the ransacked house looking for a phone to call for help, while trying to tell the family that they should not look in the cellar door.
I was thinking to myself how could anyone commit such a heinous crime? I also thought how I would never want to have to identify the body of somebody I caredfor in a manner such as this, decapitated, or otherwise. I thought about a funeral and how the wake would have to be closed casket, and thought about the pain that would bring to a family, knowing that their loved one was brutally killed by an entity with a demonic, diabolic spirit.
This dream gave me deep, frightening feelings. I woke up in the middle of the night in fear, hoping this never happens. I was almost afraid to go back to sleep, because I was in fear of having another traumatic experience such as this.

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