08 July 2008


This piece is done in response to nationality. Being raised in San Antonio, TX, I experienced a culture that is a mixture of third world goat farm Mexico ranchero to a white man's racial superiority segregation. I naturally fell into the Mexican-American heritage.
Although I never thought of myself growing up as Mexican or foreign to the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, I have started to notice sub cultures in my environment. Its a combination of different prides. One a pride in the Mexican-Catholic heritage being the superior to the white mans. And the supposed racial white man's America, that fought the World Wars, and dominates the planet with superior intelligence, strength, talent and beauty.
By growing up in a racist atmosphere I developed a split in my loyalties. Maybe I'm more Mexican than American?Maybe its a good thing I'm a great artist with this skin color, or minority status. Maybe this will show that Mexican race should be respected. Maybe American policy to foreigners is too harsh, and I should relish in the influx of immigration. Hell yeah, let the borders open up. Take back Texas, this land used to be Mexico anyway, fuck America.
Seriously, I thought those feelings. I thought that America was evil and that Mexico would be taken over by Mexican's once again. My philosophy at the time was this is the planet earth, who should say that there is a border between countries, that wrong, I'm opposed to borders.
I thought these things because of propaganda that said that Latino's are the highest growing minority in the USA. That these people are have been treated like shit by the white man and it's time for some get back-revenge.
Boy, have my view points changed. My foreign policy does not include sympathy for third world nations right now, as I'm starting to see that America is turning into a fascist third world country. At least in a third world country the people there rise up and revolt. Here, American's are loving being put in their place.
I'm more concerned now with preserving America and its Constitution. I was under globalist mind control when I was thinking those thoughts. I now see that America should preserve its nationality. We must see beyond the racist mentality being bred within these borders.
I see that there is resentment in Mexico about losing Texas and California. These feelings I have are like premonitions, from undercurrents that I'm tuned into as an artist. I may not know where the exact fact is located, and may refer to something as being everywhere, just look around and see for yourself, but I guess I have sensors, like subconscious feelings that I expose through art.
So this piece can have a lot of meanings. Depends on how deep you are willing to look. For me its about homeland security. Its about national identity. Its about the danger of losing our nationality, constitution to Mexico, a third world country.

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