25 November 2008

Psychology: Debate of the Signifigance of the Brain and Mind

I'm not the best versed in the entire spectrum of the many theories of psychology.

So what I'm about to put out here might be redundant, but its something, none the less, that I want to sort out for myself, perhaps say something pertinent to this thing called life.

What is this experience we call Life?
Is this experience the result of a complex system of organic structures working together to produce sophisticated organisms that can think, ponder their own existence, or is our consciousness the highest form of thought that can possibly be achieved in the grand scale of all eternal forms of matter?

Is our biological organism, a transdimensional portal, gateway to a life force that extends eternally throughout all space and time continuum? How is that possible?

If that is so, than there will never be an artificial intelligence that is as perceptive or thought provoking as a genuine, life born consciousness. Nor will a clone, a replica of a body, have the same personality as that of the original. A spiritual clone does not, nor cannot exist. There is no mirror image of personality. The personality is a stream of consciousness, how can it be duplicated exactly if its connections are random?

What RAM does a mind function at? Does our brain have enough RAM to interpret the highest consciousness ultimo?

How does an organism, such as a human being, who by far, is the only being capable of expressing his/her experience of this reality, have access to a gateway, an internal 'mind' that is pervasive throughout all that is?

What makes this possible? What in our detail, give us in microscopic introspection, a capacity to be secretly involved with an eternal, vast endless universe of capacity for, if anything, peace?

You see, a corpse is an organism which has ceased all life functions, thus has no connection to the eternal void of inner life- its mind has been lost, but has it lost its

Does a brain dictate the capacity to have perceptual experience or is the brain a transcriber of the true nature of the mind?

Does the brain program perception, or does the brain try to decipher the mind?

Does the mind know more than the brain? Does the mind know what the brain is, and is trying to use the brains capabilities to explain what the mind is?

So the question is what is the mind? If I am a mind, and like I said, I am a mind trying to tell me brain how to think and provide information, than what is the purpose, the goal of the mind? Thus, I alone, must have that answer, if not I would not be a mind, nor a brain for my mind to utilize.

Here is my attempt at answering my own question, what is the mind, what is it good for, what do i do with it now that I am here and have it?

For me, the mind is a transdimensional portal, a stargate, an access to all dimensions, and is not only the space outside the skin of the perceiver, but also everything inward, and as far as one can tell, what is within has no limit, no bottom, no floor- it is free space.

That does not answer the question, but the mind is a sentiment, it is a cosmic consciousness, it is a all understanding tool of emotional reasoning, and constructive imagination.

A mind, innately knows of good behavior and negative behavior, but will decide to act negatively if there is no immediate threat to its well being. So a person can and would indulge in negative behaviors if it is not disciplined.

So what than, of the mind being a consciousness that can ignore its signifigance of positive actions in lieu of sinister ones.

Perhaps that is why positive actions, result in positive return, and why negative actions perpetuate negative assumptions and moods.

So the ones that engage in continuous negative behavior have deep, unsettling moods, that cause turmoil and the like. So these beings, that dwell in such karma have little good karma, and will live lives that are unfulfilled no matter of all the stereotypical life achievements they have garnered.

That is a social engineered perception, possibly not one of the mind. The mind is a great gift of capacity to formulate and orchestrate any number of imaginable things, including structures to cause harm to itself, for the greed of individuals.

So is it the that is evil, or is it the brain? Is the mind inherently malignant, or is the organism in behold of the limitless capacity to conceive thoughts corrupting the nature of the mind? Does the brain, in its organic, instinctual roots have genetic codes that make it inclined to self indulgent, negative behavior.

Life is suffering, death, sickness, pain, the like are part of this reality. But the question is, is something in our genetics predisposed to the liking of sins? If so, can these be conditioned out? What measures would be used to condition these out?

My answer would be, that it is unknown where the origins of evil stem from, they are mostly thought based, thoughts are derived from known circumstances, thus thoughts that pervade over time, pass from person to person, generation over generation, are like a virus, or some sort of sickness.

Negative actions do not feel good. Positive actions are more palpable to peace, and harmony. Thus, one can conclude that evil is not a natural state of being, as that state of being is punished horrendously by the higher faculties of consciousness.

Thus, evil is a lower state of being, not fulfilling innate potential of the mind, that is ready to be called upon for duty.

What is thinking with the mind? What is thinking with the brain?

I think thinking with the mind is the most open way of comprehending. While thinking with the brain is a firewall of conditioning, similar to Pavlov's dog experiments. Where a human in all its capability and potential, cannot be limited to the standards of an animal unless it is trained to be an animal. I think a human is on one level a biological organism that does organic things to maintain its life, but beyond that I think the human has a direct connection to the ultimate, highest levels of consciousness that we are being kept from, by our socially engineered culture of experience. We are being kept in low states of life, because our leaders that govern us do not want us to raise to our own potential because that would mean that their power they have been enjoying for so long is gone, and that would make them the low form of consciousness, rather than being esteemed as the masters of the world, when in truth, humans, without the preconditioning software, like a operating system that may not be utilizing the full potential of the hardware of a computer, in such a way, have the connection to being a harmonious, resilient organism, in tune with the divine nature of this thing called life.

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