24 November 2008

The Internet Exists Within You, Me, Life, Us

Within us is the internet.

God my head hurts right now, but i won't let that stop me from saying a few words.

First off, visual dyslexia. I thought that was a good way to describe whats been happening to me. I see things first as identifiable shape shifting forms. Words and letters forget about it, I read the first few words of the beginning of a sentence, or a paragraph, or paragraphic, that is, the entire form of a body of text, and pick it a part for eye catching phrases. Then I will read around the area, and try to put things together as a puzzle, and then refine, by going through a mo, modis operandi, (sp) that is, questioning my own self, to see if my perceptions are correct, and if i can experience more sensitively to the stimulus, will i in fact, be a stream of consciousness,of the fastest speed of stream of consciousness is only dictated by our physical reality. or are the possibilities are so endless that you grow in feeble, to not obsess with reality but what your mind constructs within itself, maybe never achieving its actual goal, but the pursuit of it, will be the everlasting symptom of life on earth.

as we see it now, there is no telling what is being done here. I almost want to know, to peek behind the curtain, i bet you would see insanity breeding behind the castle walls, in the deep recess's in the temple.

Its not that far of a stretch of the imagination to think, hypothetically, that some of these things people are saying, that a secret kabal of international banking systems, are at the very top guided by a handful of people dealing with world affairs, and be some of the most diabolical beings on earth? like this is a big game of chess, where some people, are plotting, and enjoying with evil, literally evil, not like positive and negative extremes, i'm thinking like pure hell, corrupted by an insane amount of power.

there is a specific destination they are tying to take the world. enough on that.

all i wanted to say, was that my sensitivity has grown lately, maybe this shall pass, as they say, all things shall pass; i been noticing that i been mistaking forms for other forms, mostly forms that get a rise out of me, like thinking an alien, or a reptilian shapeshifter is behind me, or in my peripheral, you know, the corner of your eye. almost a stream of consciousness to the point where all is shapeshifting. nothing is definate, not even a table or a chair, its all animated, like a fine animation movie, where it has that shimmer, the endearing human touch to things, comforting like being with a mother or father. something, that plays in realtime, the intentions over a long period of time, of the animator, some sort of mind force, that you find in artist Don Hertzfeld. I think his films are great, i've been unlucky to not have seen his latest films, but his films have told me some pretty deep insights, and they are all one stream of pages, its all follow through.
joe coleman, i can't wait to see one of his paintings in real life. i bet it won't be for another ten years. i don't think he would like my work right now. he has done a lot of intense work, i'd be afraid to show him my stuff. so i kind of hope its ten years from now. its like i'm trying to avoid the worst. no, on seconded thought, i think he would see that i'm just starting, i got a long way to go, he been painting i think for over 30 years, maybe 40 yrs. thats a long as time, you can learn a lot in that amount of time, and you kind of chill, you become in sync with your life fulfillment. you realize to accept life as what you know life to be, a kaliediscope of universes, like the this here internet. the internet as a metaphor for the nature of life.

okay, so here is my big idea for the some awesome art. light art. it would be like synesthesia, where there would be a interface like a table, with a glass surface, 16x24in on surface. and that would be your canvas, you would draw on it and depending on where you place the stylus, and the sensitivity of touch, alters the value, thickness,

basically something that can read your stream of conscience and you being able to draw, animating, project your exact mental activity into a receptive environment going at the same speed your mind is at.

this version i'm thinking would be a set of programmed capabilities, and a palette at ones disposal of a memory bank of high quality events that would enhance the meaning of the art piece.

anyways, i thought that that is what movies and paintings are already.

sorry for wasting your time! jk until next time

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Anonymous said...

It does sound as if visual dyslexia is part of your problem and that can be corrected so that you have a stable visual experience with reading. Visit www.dyslexiaglasses.com for information about that.

Usually the visual aspects of visual dyslexia are are on a small scale and when experienced at greater distances on a larger scale the effects are diminished.

It is common for visual dyslexics to see fuzzy boarders around objects as boarders or edges are small scale. It is less common but not really rare for visual dyslexics to experience what is sometimes described as seeing the world through a waterfall of visual noise. Could that curtain you speak of be made of visual dyslexia noise? Perhaps.

The shape shifting forms are a bit much to be considered a visual dyslexia problem and assigning motives to those forms sounds as if your brain may be running amok and detaching from reality a bit.

Let's say I am going off on a tangent and not talking about you. I have known 2 visually dyslexic schizophrenics. 1 was so visually dyslexic that at 21 he had never acquired the alphabet and could only match 13 letters. Using the See Right Dyslexia Glasses he learned the alphabet in 3 days. He has other common dyslexia language processing problems and at 36 is starting to lose his ability to communicate which research is indicating happens to a small # of dyslexic schizophrenics. The other is a more normal schizophrenic individual whose visual problems were costing him money at the track because of inaccurate reading of the racing form. His response to the See Right Dyslexia Glasses when he put them on was that he had never felt so relaxed. He felt that the removal of the visual stress caused by his visual dyslexia allowed him better control of his schizophrenia.

This is my first time reading your blog. I read,I comment,I go on. From a distance I would guess that you have visual dyslexia along with another problem. The removal of the visual problems would at least help to see the page in a stable manner and make reading a much more pleasant experience.