25 November 2008

Trigger Happy, The Art of War, or the Warrior Within

Say what you will, but the spirit of the warrior is prevalent part of the nature of the universe.

I heard that even the Buddha was for standing armies, just in case they are needed to be called upon to defend truth and justice.

So I encourage the armed forces, being a soldier. Taking the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

What I don't like is how the Chain of Command uses the armed forces for false wars. I haven't heard of a war the USA has fought that was justified. There aren't many wars in history that stand out as being justifiable, humanitarian wars.

One seems like it is waiting to happen. All across the United States, a diverse geography, with different personalities, cultures, sub cultures, are all being threatened by the constricting choke of the government.

The warrior is not a person of low intellect. A person of high intellect and moral altruism is concerned with defending his liberty, family, and property.

An army will never be able to invade the United States. They can drop nukes and do damage that way to rid the earth of American fighters, however any type of manned invasion will not be able to occupy this land.

It is said that "All of the strength of the US military and many mercenaries can't control an area the size of the Carolina's with less than 20mil people",Libertytreeradio, youtube subscriber.

Another problem evident in the soldier status is the machismo, the blind following of the latest trend in patriotism. Trends of patriotism in American culture are found in the propaganda. Since we have a volunteer based armed force, there must be a convincing, self-preservation, honorable motive to be a soldier of the national army.

Today the national armed forces is seeing the low recruit levels causing an outbreak of recruiters to commit suicide because failing to meet status quo. Also, I might add, there is an alarming trend of suicide among active military personel.

In the propaganda today used to lure new recruits, is video games, from first person shooters such as Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and many more, the objective of most of these games to achieve victory, and have the most kills. Primarily the more kills one attains the more rewarded the player is in the game.

A lot of Hollywood mainline, action, thriller flix promote the perspective of the federal agents, the American soldiers, all just doing their job, investigating the terrorist, but no real self examination. No one asks why there is evil and crime in this world, all they know is they got to eliminate enemy combatants.

Today's new recruit is hungry for a kill. Being desensitzed to manslaughter, to being accustomed to using more force than necasssary, to kill or be killed, to no negotiations, to bombing suspected terrorist hide outs, to going off any intelligence, hiding behind the veil of the chain of command, killing in the name of some distant king, monarch, up on his thrown, taking the blame for a little collateral damage here and there. Its all neccassary for victory.

The youth of the nation are being tempted with the allure of crimson rivers, body parts, piles of kills, like trophies, a bunch of trigger happy, narrow minded agitated, maniacal aggressors.

Don't get me wrong, I am an advocate for the armed forces. I just wish they had more spiritual training, and excersized higher moral capacity.

Today the US armed forces are not known as peace keepers, but obliterators. They say the US is the worlds most powerful armed force, which can crush an enemy, but that reputation is given to us because of the damage, the deadly ferocity this nations armed forces implement. The US is feared for being savage destroyers.

I would rather be known as a sleeping giant. Some one you don't mess with because they are a powerful, honorable warrior, not be known as a tyrant, a short tempered mad man.

So be warned law enforcement that would act out martial law. The citizens of the United States are not the push overs of Nazi Germany, a whole lot of people here will raise hell if hell is brought to them.

If one person uses his weapon, and his neighbor hears it, sees it, he will pick up and load his. Then all hell will break loose. There will be hundreds of isolated incidents.

I think the war planners know this, thats why they are trying to win the psyop war and control the population under big government to still use the bodies of US citizens in other forms. The war planners know they can't win an open assualt on the citizens, so they have to figure out other ways to control and maintain the population. More on that next time.

For now though, the soldier is an honorable being, one who is drawn to tenacious rigors, one who is a brother of man, a respectable entity, a servicemen of peace, one who will fight intelligently with aggression against a hostile opponent, to defend the peace of his people, to fight for the greater good of life. However, this man is being led astray, being sickened with bloodlust, being desensitized to hatred and murder. Having been brought up in a sick culture of one sided partiotic propaganda trends, the modern soldier is losing sight of the truth and justice he should be fighting for. Not to worry though, the good in these men is being brought out and is coming to light, for instance the Veterans Against the War in Iraw movement who want a withdraw and end to the violence in the middle East.

As always, the world will turn good, we just got to spread the word of peace and open mindedness, or mindfulness. Be warriors of the laws, harmony of the universe. Solve problems with compassion, brute force and aggression to be saved as a last resort.

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