18 November 2008

Schizo Nation Redux

Karie, I like the research you gone into for the piece I did, Schizo Nation, 2008, cprint. I did it on the computer at 300dpi in photoshop elements 5.0. I use a Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen, with pressure sensitivity on.
The meaning of it is on one level meant to parallel the revolution of information dispersion of the first printed words and images, specifically the career of Albrecth Durer's, especially the very first known prints he did, from when he was an apprentice doing work for a master printer.
Durer's ultimate master I think is God. I think it is because God was the trusted source of knowledge at the time, and something you trust you want express.
Today, digital media has thrown into question the longstanding accepted notions of what is reality, has affected a large enough mass of the minds of the people, to have a global awakening revolution. Hieghtened self awareness, of blogs, social networking sites, vblogs, twitter, google, youtube, photosharing, bit torrents, hackers have bred a breeding ground for self awareness as anonymity. With a move from the tradition of the television as the primary source of knowledge basis, now with a search engine, you can see for your self if there is knowledge, truth of a myth.
I don't know if Durer was aware of the secret society of illuminati, the brilliant ones. But if you look at his engraving, Meloncholia I, I think in 1516yr. There are many symbols like a compass and square, the truncated cube, the magic square, that are symbols of the secret society the Freemason's. I'm even sure if they exist, but at heart I don't think the fraternity was a negative force. I think it was a positive humanitarian organization but over time it was taken over by darker sects of people with some sort of agenda to rule the world. A lust for domination has developed. I think there are many secret societies throughout the world that are all in alignment, with the same agenda.
For my immediate sociocultural perspective the primary secret society of the illuminati is the Freemason's but I think the Bilderberger's, and the Bohemian Grover's are the more secretive, clandestine occult operators today. They may be talented in some aspects, specialized in fields of operation, but none the less all work to serve the supreme cause. The recieve the benefits for their deeds, carrying out the hope of a global elite and a subservient, sado-masochistic society, sucking off its tits.
Its a motherly passive agressive beast, subconciously, maybe the choice symbol of this expression is the adoptation of the the Lucifer; a beast with the head of a goat, a torch representing illumination, a pentagon balancing on one tip centered, the wings of a bat, the feat of a goat, and breasts like a woman. The beast is said to be hermaphroditic expressing the union of sexes.
Many monuments are said to be derived from subversive symbolism of sexual organs. The most common and obvious is the phallus, the penis. The obelisque is a phalic symbol and to me represtents a sun dial but it is also symbolic of a graphically interpreted penetration of the circular sun.
Here, my Lucifer is undraped exposing the mysterious genitals of the beast. Lucifer is the prince one Light in classical latin mythology and was adopted by the illuminati to represent symbolically the light bearers.
The cartoon figures conglomerating to a pinnacle at the vagina, represent the birth of these ideas. Concocted through men, and passed through a accepting vagina. One hand points below to the symbol found on the dollar bill, what is commonly known as the "all seeing eye". To the up, the opposite hand points to the Freemason symbol of the square and compass, with the G standing for the Generative act or priciple as described by a high ranking Freemason either Manly P Hall of Albert Pike.
The Egyptian symbols primarily give light to the ancient origins of the illuminati, and even the history of those cultures, why does a secret society draw from the Ancient Egyptians. It is also one of the most prominent historical time periods researched or taught today.
I had a teacher that taught a class on how to embalm a store bought chicken with cheese cloth and other household items, and I think we were to place them in shoe boxes and store them away for some time and see which one of the groups operating within the class chicken lasted longest in terms of decay. I can't remember how long this project lasted but I do remember a foul stench of rotting poultry corpse doused in seasoning seasoning. If thats not some serious research, public school taught learning about the Egyptians than I don't know what is. They show them all the time on TV. I don't how many King Tut specials I've watched growing up, but I'm a little suspicious. Why do I have to learn that the pyramids of Egypt are the most beautiful structures. Why not the Aztec and Myan art. I think people are finding out everywhere that there was a deeper agenda that stretches way back before our knowledge of time frame. Most people consider these amounts of years, 2008 to be the entire expanse human civilization, but there is evidence that it is not because more and more people are seeing that there are numerous correlations of ancient structures that were built incredibly sophisticated that appear all over the earth with no known modern agreement on how they were built and what the people that built them were like, and how did they all want to build pyramids? if they were masters of precision and innovation, why not build different looking structures especially why so thick solid ones. They built precise mountains, with no intent to house communities but to harness some sort of energy, whether symbolic energy of an erection, phallic quality, or to tap into the vibrations of the universe. Or to affect the vibrations of the universe?
things that would not be destroyed. What was the importance of building a strong power structure to be able to withstand incredible wear and tear?
The Freemasons are known as the Architects of society, the builders not only of palaces and monuments, but also, the builders of thought.
One of the quotes states that who controls light controls what is seen. Artistically we can see art as an expression of a persons mental insights. What we perceive with our eyes and than imagined in the mind of a creative thinker and expressed in a novel way is a barometer of social climate. Sadly, there have been some creative minds that may have failed to see the true danger of mass media, how images are the primary relationship between thought, interpretation, and the self in society- the reality of yourself.
So who controls what is seen exacts an ability to inform your knowledge, thoughts about the world, reality. Ofcourse the media would be a powerful tool in guiding perceptions. From a world where we weren't sure what existed, we have been gaggled and googled to death by silly muses, thoughtless thinking, and a social empire based on anxiety and sado masochism. We see glimpses of horror, and told that horror is horrible, that this shot is good for you, it will only hurt for a second, just trust me its for your own good, I don't know everything but I can tell you that's crazy talk, you don't tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories man, George Bush said it. We live in a world of confusion. We see censored glimpses, where you are not sure about if its right to see this, but why is it being done, like seeing a war devistated urban warzone, and blurred out shots of the gore. If you saw gore you would be sick. Thats a for sure thing. Messy, bloody, emotional, brutal acts of violence. The idea of them is out there, but are minds are forced to censor it, to edit out, to see only a sugar coated, redemptive world. We are trained to see a certain way. The ones who control sight control your minds. Hey, they are what you think. Most of our knowldedge is based on these 'facts'
Who knows who Charlie Brown is or Ed Bowinkle, GI JOE, Barbie, David Koresh. This is our knowledge base. We are split from our true identity. We think in terms of Britney Spears, and who is hot right now, on the television, on the radio, on the major sources of information.
We are split beings. We have a true deep self, which would not accept things for what they are, and always be in a state of question, and open mindedness. The mind would be filled with attention and concentration and always wonder if they are being deceived. Honesty would be the highest rapport between individuals. Truth, and honesty would be the only accepted virtue.
So yes, this piece is meant to be weird, that is what I want you to see, because that is what I think the world is and would make for a comfortable awkward situation. Other symbols in the piece that I did not discuss here are the corporate logo phenomenon, and the source for most of this knowledge is researched by Michael Tsarion, find him on google and youtube.

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Anonymous said...

Upon researching the dumbing down of america at your suggestion I found a man you said that this influence you talk about here is not a conspiracy, it is human nature to take more for oneself and keep others oppressed. I see this as a loose organization of interests, from mainly business interests, that are coalescing into widespread oppression of the individual. I see us being attacked, but not from one singular source. It will take a large effort on multiple fronts to alleviate even a little bit of these evil philosophies from developing further.