30 November 2008

Futurology: Human Knowledge and Limitations

I discovered this website, kept by Brian Holtz, http://humanknowledge.net, who is software engineer, and "EcoLibertarian, atheist, modal realist, extropian". I, for one, admire his work, and is the premier basis of some of my hopes, especially in his prediction that "almost all overt forms of tyranny will be eliminated" by the year 2020, thanks to the internet information revolution.

He also states that 2040 is the year this will happen as well, but I rather hear 2020.

Tyranny, oppression, is the primary enemy to human advancement. Once the mind is liberated from the psychic oppression, will the people be able to move on to better things like "bodily flight suits" by 2030, by 2200 enfranchising artificial life, and intelligence.

Without clairvoyance, one can sense that communication through the internet, to spread novel ideas, that will expand the mind, enhance the intelligence, and strengthen the imagination, to be skeptical, to be more self empowered, to have higher powers of criticism.

Right now, the critical thinking ability of the vast majority of individuals varies from the traditional arts of science, philosophy, politics, etc, to secular beliefs in history as brought to you by typical sources of information; the New Testament, functioning within the Federal Reserve System, abiding by the Laws of Court System, there is little to no broad spectrum of associations with the vast world of thought that is occuring and of the past to piece together a cohesive world view. Instead, the world view is shaped by what is already in place, some of the things I just mentioned, plus horrid amounts of technocratic mind control devices.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings. The youngest being 13. We are speparated by 3 years, I am 25 tomorrow. One brother, closest in age to me, 21, seems to be catching on to ideas that I've been interested in. He is a corporate employee, who is concerned about the future of his company, which he has been very grateful for providing job security to him. He has been exposed to Alex Jones, and his mentality is quickly evolving into a skeptical, critical take on the mechanisms of what runs the world.

My second brother in age, 17, is a public high school student who is very apathetic to the education system. He is highly aware of the negativity of the current imposed system of rule. His attitude towards life though seems to be regulated slightly by current institutionalized forms of current ego shaping media, ie, the latest 'pop' fashion. Given that we all have gone through such trends growing up, we are no need to over compensate for this psychic phenomenon, but still we must pay close attention to the fashion to pick up on any new psychic trends. However, I feel my brother has a healthy scrutiny of the establishment, and should be capable of developing healthy wisdom.

My only sister, 13, is a split between libertarian thinking, and corporate controlled teeny bopper fashion. In her social development during her teenage years in the public education system, and her own growing, flourishing self awareness, she is going to have to cope with her transition into woman hood. Right now, the corporate, technocratic hold of her vision of herself has a strong influence on her current obsessions. They are very materialistic, but when her maturity increases, I think she will wise up fast, and fully take hold of the damaging effects of the technocratic establishment.

With this pattern of generations, it is apparent to me that the proceeding generations are a toss up when it comes to who has greater influence over the morality of these future commanders of Earth.

To say that overt tyranny will be eliminated by 2020 is fair to assume, and possibly a more generous time table can be outlined. I think that the consciousness of the people is changing, and it is important that the current generation, the mid 20-70 year old population to excersise their mental elasticity to better ensure a more navigatable world for the proceeding generation. To establish, a welcoming, imagiantive, assertive, strong mental fortitude, showing that any human can posses strong abilities beneficial to the community, promoting harmony and accord with wisdom, especially that of the Tao.

Peace and harmony is heartedly envisioned in the Tao, for this work explains that a healthy individual interior, is the first and foremost part neccessary for a harmonious, functioning community.

My trouble is, how do I explain the Tao without seeming esoteric? How do I get rid of the bias of the Tao being a religious, or some dated Chinese fu man chu, quiet idiot? For me, the trouble I been having in explaining the great work of the Tao is its religious connotation. When you speak of the Tao, its like talking about the bible, and people hate the bible right now. Or people who love the New Testament, wouldn't be able to allow themselves to relate themselves to the Tao.

If the Tao was read, and studied with care, and consideration, than maybe, will its great teachings be put into practice. More great minds need to come out and promote the Tao.

The Tao and Buddhism are my definative intellectual reasoning capacities. I think I can function greatly in a world, I lend that to my study and pursuit of the teachings found in these great philosophies.

With that said, I think that the internet will be a great instrument of spreading wisdom and the benefits of such mentality, that the Tao will inevitably be involved there, because the Tao is the "Way" of harmony. So if there is harmony, there will be the teachings of the Tao.

It will take another decade to enhance the perceptions of enough minds to make a great impact on the the New World Order. Deal the final blow to the NWO. These minds are rare right now, but there are a lot of minds that are near the breaking point of facing off with the technocratic tyranny that has been devistating individuals for many decades.
The mind is an ancient, timeless spirit.

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