17 July 2008

Don't FUCK With Me

Skull and Bones, CIA all the bullshit secrets. I don't get hung up on fears about some SWAT team storming me and saying I'm a terrorist. That's impossible for me. Am I blind? Should I think twice about what I say, especially when it comes to political issues? No, if you pay attention to the stuff I do. Some people are scared shaking in their boots when it comes to shit that pertains to questioning conventional reality.
Conventional reality is today's modern mind set. We accept authority by the experts at delivering to you information. We percieve this delivery and presentation as truth, the almighty word of God almost. Its religious fervor to believe in something whole heartedly. Not a bad thing. This is the tricky part in all this, is that so much seems good and distictly evil. We must come to understand that as positives and negatives.
I think in order to understand postives and negatives is to approach the situation by qusetioning. Deductive reasoning. Normally you are educated and brought to a level of understanding by applications of your teaching and life experience. We are now a days mostly brought up by our education systems. We have a selective, socialist view.
The reason the Constiution, Bill of Rights is so important to civilization is because it provides a outline for a self explanatory set of rules that are fair and promote the upholding of peace and defense of it. There should always be peace and harmony within this constitution but rebellion only would arise if the either a negative force was trying to disrupt the order of law set forth by the bill of rights, or if one already had gotten hold of the laws and perverted the view of them, similar to what we have now, than yeah, that is a call for upheavel.
Whatever, this world is complex I know, full of secrets and occult fantasies, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about them. What is they are fuling the world. Do you like getting screwed over? You got to bring this shit to light. Realize what America is supposed to be about and not what 9/11 made this in to.
Well, I heard people can't address the issues in my art. I personally don't have problems with peoples reactions. But people try and tell me to cool it, or whatever, but I must be looking at some ghosts or imaginary people, but even than thats cool to right, a wild imagination? so please don't tell me to watch what i say. I'm a nice person, I'm aware of the CIA and FBI and all that terrorists watch shit, but fuck all that. Why would any one want to sabatoge my carreer for some viewpoints I have? I here of successful people that deal in this market of thought. Don't tell me I can't do something because it doesn't acquiese to the general consensus of narrow minded beings right now. I'm confident in my views, smart evil geniuses ruling the planet in hiding, yet in plainview with occultish junk makes sense to me. You should think about it too. A lot of fucked up shit is going on, this country is slipping far out of reach, the time to react is now, not scoff, and frolick to Pan's flute.

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