18 July 2008

Political Views

All I know is I live in the United States of America. It was founded on a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those rights seem self explanatory. So why are there all these restrictions on guns? Why restrictions on free speech? Why can't you question these sort of things without getting ostracized?
I don't get it. People say I'm way off the mark, but these people have small minds. There is a lot of people talking and listening about what the hell is really going on here, fascism, scientific dictatorship, problems with medical science, the economy. These seem like serious issues.
Whatever the case may be, I feel ostracized. It sucks cuz I'm just trying to question reality. People need to question reality, I know that's a popular term, so do it, to a full ranging extent. Because if you do question reality, authority you will find there is a point where the authorities won't give you an answer, and say that you're crazy for thinking so hard about something. They don't want you to think! That's a son of bitch life to live, stay silent, stay devoid of voice, paint abstractly, make silly vapid scribbles. Don't give a fuck. Fuck the world. LA LA LAlala LA LA LA LAH LAH

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