28 July 2008

I'll never Commit Suicide

Just in case in the news you hear that Albert Alvarez commited suicide you should question that because I'm saying here publicly that I would never do that. I don't see the honor in it. Commiting suicide is throwing the towel in, failure is not an option.

The reason I'm saying this is cuz I've heard that agents like to murder people with political view points and make it look like a suicide, such as the DC Madam case. Also, people like Alex Jones says he gets death threats by SS agents. So, I'm just saying this as a precaution, I would never do something stupid. My weapons are my pens and paintbrushes.

I seen movies and learned about psychotic people like Ted Bundy, I'm not like that. Learn about how psycho that person is, and understand that I'm not capable of atrocities like that, I have a conscience. I would feel horrible for hurting somebody. Ted Bundy was a necrophilliac that bludgeoned defenseless women. Thats pretty horrific.

Oh yeah, I don't see myself as a total outsider. But yes, my point of view is outside the normal consensus of what reality is, so yes I would consider myself an outsider in that respect. I am a normal introverted person, that likes to socialize because I do spend 90% of my time ALONE! So I do feel distant from social scenes, but I don't think its because I am self pittying. On the contrary, I feel like I don't want to be inappropriate, there is a time and place to drop a bomb on you. Like I said, we probably don't see I to eye on things, and it makes me sad cuz this is the world I have to deal with, but in no way am I opposed to friends and getting along with people, no matter their political dispositions.

I do got a lot of mental baggage with all the information I have to deal with and sort out in order to produce my art. Some days my mind is heavily saturated with information, and its not something I can bounce off of you unless you know about satanic occultists and how they play out in freemasonry and their monuments and rituals.

Thats the crazy shit I'm dealing with. Its far out there. This is my current mind set. I'm filling my mind and making new connections and trying to map out their master plan. Give me a fucking break people, I'm trying to be cool but some crazy fucks out there are fucking with our minds.

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