21 July 2008


I'm calling this one Showdown, for now, maybe forever. Sorry about the crude, obnoxious watermark. I don't mean to be a shrewd dick with that, idk how to watermark politely yet. everything has got to be politically correct now a days, you don't know how much i want to be using obscenities right now, but i'm refraining as best i could from unleashing a whirlwind, tirade of gangsterism dirt talk.

wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa, god damn fuck, there you happy now cock squeezer???
chameleon lemon headed pussy terrorist

i'm printing these bitches out but they suck down so much ink shit is back firing on me, they look tight though, vivid and pretty, i can't get the borders right though, i keep cropping the edges off.
well, this is my new approach to art. thats right folks, i'm going digital. its the shit. let me tell you why. you see, digital paints is like having the best of both worlds when it comes to paints, like oil and acrylic. its like having the best paints, the best mediums, the best paint brushes.
i spent 3-4 hours on each head, fucking scum terrorists, i hate you with all my heart! i think i still get the my point across.
why would some low IQ, rag wearing, bare foot cave men from a third world country hate america so much that they had to fly airplanes into buildings? why haven't they struck again? it must be because our government stepped up and took our rights away, warrantless wire tapping, spying on citizens, restricting free speech, press, threatening you with jail time and tazers if you step out of line sheeple.
man, i am more afraid of my own government than i am of some senior citizens and afghan kids with HIGH powered assualt rifles in afghanistan. can you imagine some frail old man trying to shoot one of those things? this is ridiculous.
and its pathetic that we are tied down spread eagle while our psychotic ted bundy loving government fucks us heinously, "any thing for you ted, i love you, i love you government."
instead of dreaming about sucking on britney spears tits all day, we should be trying to realize that we been had, we are being taken on a wild ride of death, never has life been this deadly, diabetes, cancers, its the plague as alex jones said it the other day. when you think about it, this is like the plague, only its a soft kill. i think we are close to a major awakening. people are starting to wake up thankfully. i mean, for fucks sake, what do you think is going on here? natural selection? evolution? this ain't right. for me its a matter of wisdom. wisdom wisdom wisdom wisdom, this world don't make sense. its against wisdom. nobody talks about wisdom. people argue about whose god is right, or demi god politician is right, but when you think of wisdom no body knows anything about good wisdom, not like righty tighty lefty loosey, but some buddha wisdom, some tao teh ching knowledge. some zen nirvana insight. thats some good shit. it flys in the face of the bs going on here.
idk, this is horrible, its real. everyday you are effected by tyranny. reading this is just a moment of a point of view that is outside the general reality.

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