02 December 2008

War PsyOps (Psychological Warfare)

This would be the trade I would most likely be involved in if I were to be in the military.

My interest in this comes from claims that the CIA would drop blankets of hand sized bills, leaflets, with messages trying to incite violence and upheaval, to cowardice, fear and surrender to a target population.

The leaflets could be plain text or have images. Check out some the pix yourself, these are great artworks in my opinion.

The image from the video game, Call of Duty 4, of lots of charred papers in the atmosphere sears itself into my mind of a modern war zone.

Both sides of the combatants use leaflets to send messages to each others forces. Or, the CIA may be involved and puts out leaflets to make enemy combatants think their own forces are speaking to them, perhaps carrying a message of surrender, Allah has spoken.

Psyops encompasses not only written and visual sensory targets, about also auditory senses. After a bombing in Iraq, cacophonous sounds of high pitched squealing pigs, babies crying, and taunts would be projected over loudspeakers.

In the film Apocalypse Now Redux, psyops is utilized in the scenes where Kilgore plays over loudspeakers, Ride of the Valkyrie, as the Air Cav heads to the "harry" Charlie controlled village. The music continues as the assault on the village takes place.

Remember the bringing down of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad during Op. Iraqi Freedom? Turns out that was a staged event. Even the beloved MSNBC ran a report on the staging of the toppling of the statue to get a response from the Iraqi people, and the American's at home watching thinking victory was occurring.

Psyops doesn't stop on the battlefield, its happening in almost every American's home everyday, for many decades. Instead of leaflets, the entertainment industry, Hollywood, etc, is all geared towards evoking a desired response from the population.

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