15 December 2008

Symbols and Transcendence

On the surface this picture depicts organ harvesting, the impetus of this was not to describe that scenario, but meant to express psychic phenomenon.

This is a cryptic, sub conscious communication. If anybody can solve it you get the prize! just kidding you ain't gettin shiit. jk. Seriously there is no physical prize. However you may feel awarded the pleasure of lubricating your brain.

It just doesn't do anything for me, haha, thats a good argument when critiquing art. maybe you could have used some more placenta imagery or fried bacon.

Speaking in metaphors can be like speaking in tongues. On one hand you're channeling psychic insights, while on the other you are confusing the interpreter. Perhaps this is the mental state the art wants a person to be put in. Not to disregard imagery, the imagery plays a heavy role in interpretation, however those thoughts conjured up are subjective to the interpreter.

I don't talk to close minded people. Sometimes, when you converse with someone, and they are very stubborn in their view points, its no use trying to debate with that type of person. They have other psychological problems that impede on them from having an intellectual exchange.

By doing this drawing, I was able to heighten my experience, perhaps ephemerally, in understanding the psychic process of metaphorical communication, to be more aware, conscious of the healing ability of art, art therapy.

I was feeling down and out at the beginning of this drawing but at some point in the process, my emotions began to turn positive and I started to enjoy the communication. Safety was a high motivational factor in this piece. Like a secret language. A top secret form of communication, something military intelligence would like to utilize.

What good is this type of communication? perhaps that is why it is far removed from ordinary, rudimentary conversation.

For me, its like a swirling state of thoughts, a feeling that mimics the Milky Way, where infinite thought is at the center of the galaxy, the black hole, in the mind is pure consciousness, and the arms of the galaxy that rotate around the axis of the center. That is what my mind feels like, the way the Milky Way looks.

Perhaps being indigenous to this galaxy you are predisposed to having a mind that identifies with its habitat. There are some other fascinating galaxies out there that I identify with as well.

Thinking symbolically allowed me to transcend unfavorable mental qualities I was experiencing, into favorable assets. Turning a negative into a positive. Lead into gold. Mental Alchemy.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a verse from Blackalicious that seems apropriate. It's much cooler when spoken in perfect rhythm over expert instumentals, but bear with me:

"It's automatic
sporadic movements on the brink
The moment's magic the last thing that I should do is think
A burst of energy that hints there really is no time
At birth you start to think that after death back to no mind
A rush that makes you new again now you embrace the planet
And stand in awe of all the things you daily took for granted
The trees are posin' all unique and form nature's perfection
The most important time is now tomorrow's a projection
A co-creator if you only just believe in that
Right here today inside is where I find my freedom at
Is simple as a lyric from my soul to yours as felt
I didn't write this I just let the pen move by itself
It's automatic."