08 December 2008

Group Think

Group think is when a majority of individuals agree on something, no matter how absurd, an individual within the group that thinks differently becomes afraid to dissent even though in his mind he knows that he is being misled, to avoid the discomfort of not going along with the group.

I think our current times reflect the group think mentality. This psychological phenomenon has been widely studied since the mid '50's and surely, the knowledge gained in this field of study, combined with other covert mind control experiments from the Cold War era, have been transferred into our current cultural identity marketing.

Here is a reenactment of Solomon Asch Group think experiment.

In the same experiment, when the dissenter had an ally, the likely hood of dissenting rose and stood up to the group.

It would be too easy to apply group think into our current scenario, but the obvious should not be avoided. Going along can have severe consequences. One of which is when going along with a group that is wrong, that action condemns those who are not in agreement with the false ideology.

Negative group think condemns the marginalized individual's.

Have a nice day!

Think for yourself, question authority.

If you really want to know, find out.

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