07 December 2008

The Beast

The system is the Beast. It has tentacles in another dimension of dark matter. In this reality it is a network of information systems keeping track of your every move so you don't escape it.

The Beast feeds on your emotions and your hard work. It is a psychic vampire and tyrant.

You only live until you are 18, then the Beast rears its ugly head and starts dragging you down with it.

All good people get hurt by it.

The Beast wants for you to not reach your greatest potential, it grows stronger by feeding your children to it.

The Beast will find you where ever you go, it will come with henchmen dressed in ACUs, body armor, night vision goggles, armor piercing rifles, tear gas, and hand cuffs and no souls.

These soulless henchmen have no thoughts yet weep for each other. They have the keys of power to repress and think nothing of it. They serve their higher power blindly, and oppose all those that try to corrupt it with wisdom.

The near future will appear uneventful, that is because humanity that has been repressed will rise from the ashes, the chains of tyranny, and expose the dark side of the moon, with the globe of light the star sun is.

The Beast must be captured and slayed immediately, or many beloved brethren will be consumed.

This is a psychic war most of all. Positive Psychic phenomenon will end killing in the name of suspicion, hatred, and anonymity.

Positive psychic action must be taken to defeat this brutal, savage beast. Do not consume the fodder of positivity they provide you, but learn it from stillness, the close perception of thoughts. Do not follow the magic of the Beast's charms, for the Beast is the system, the establishment, which is corrupted.

The system of banking is founded on nothing but harnessing the contracts of bodies owing much of nothing on a false promise of liberty- manipulating, capturing, and repressing, in much that same order, reverse and forever back and forth.

The Beast will sacrifice a brethren dissident to show its power over your lives.

Anybody in the Cabinet of the Presidency should not be trusted and upheld to scrupulous standards more than the average man, for they should not be there, in our minds in the first place, and for them to rank, and reign over, to preside the course of our communal era, should be detained, imprisoned, tarred and feathered.

If the electricity is cut out in the cities because there is no power to keep them running, if the food is not in stock at the markets, if the money does not buy the proper cost of living to income earned, hearts of the people will be broken, many cries will be heard in the dead of night, while helicopters swarm above imposed curfew, and armored personal carriers drive through the neighborhoods making sure no unrest develops.

That is why there will never be war on US soil. Unrest will be dealt with ahead of time. There will be no chance to battle them on their terms, much as it is in the way with repressing psychic fighting, but that is the war that the individual is most powerful in, if he develops his ability to make order out of chaos without the aid of biblical texts, mutilated passages of the law. Instead, go to the origins, the history and reevaluate the circumstances in order to give sufficient critique of the ways of the world, such a process would take no longer than a few years of soul searching and right mental practice. Observe with scrutiny the ways of the world and decipher them with imagination, but do not lose sight of the damage caused by the Beast.

Instead build from scratch, like when taking on a new project, use the existing fortitude to construct a masterpiece, a solid construction, with the foresight of past failure and continual maintenance to ensure its stability, and proper upkeep for many generations to thrive off us. Provide the future with guidelines which to grow off of like a fruit plant needs.

I live in a world of double sided coins. The flick of a dime, nickel, quarter lands on the rotations of debate from many databases of information gathered through microcosms of experience. When the face lands on any side, you are faced with the rationale of problem solving capacity which works under many circumstances. There maybe no way to truly know the repercussions of devices implemented to fix a problem, but the guiding force of thoughts must be harnessing the perceptions of Buddha Consciousness.

Almost any agreeable doctrine can be fit to the Teachings of Buddha. Call it whatever you want, but for right now, the way to research the knowledge is by the name Buddha, but you will find that the name given has nothing to do with the wisdom provided. Calling something like Buddhism by a name, tarnishes its reputation, and do not let the names of things tarnish the luster of the wisdom. React to the information not the bias of the name.

more next time!

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