30 December 2008

Analysis of Barack and Michelle Obama on 60mins.

This is the description of the video:
This interview is a dumbed-down cartoon of a fantasy land type country without any issues in a time of peace and happiness where average people can be president of a nation and change the world for the better.

The misguided "hope" and "change" of this election process will last a few months at most.

A space alien picking up on this broadcast might assume that we have free energy, no crime, no war profiteers, and everyone lives in candy houses with sitcom families... I couldn't say it better, thanks Tate

What stands out to me most during this interview and many like it, is the lack of detail, or imagination. The couple is heavily based on routine. Michelle mentions routine several times as if she had been taught some where about having a routine, doing everything by the numbers. "I will teach you, you will learn by the numbers" a command given by the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

Routine, routine, routine, must have routine or I can't think. I can only think until I have a routine. Please instruct me with a routine to follow, I can carry it out.

They are then asked about a dog for the White House. Michelle mentions instructions she gave, or commands she gave for the children to follow about getting a dog. There are many imaginative factors missing in the couples dialogue. For one, the type of dog the children want. If the kids wanted a dog really bad, what kind of dog were they looking to get? What type of dog do the kids like? She goes on and on about a dog, and reiterates the word dog over and over but does not describe the type of dog these educated people are going to get. They give her credentials of being a Harvard Princeton grad, but she can not elaborate on the type of dog her children want.

Barack goes on to say that they are getting many suggestions from people as to what to name the dog, and he does not give any examples of the many dog names people have suggested. Even though he is taking it all under advisement, and does not need the help of specialists to disclose information about the dog.

Michele, after close examination, you can see, only reiterates what has been said. In the beginning of this clip they talk about not being adjusted to the 'change' in lifestyle these seemingly normal people becoming rulers are. She unexpectedly blurts out 'what are you not adjusted to?' as if she is well adjusted, or given proper instruction on how to perform. Barack gives a basic statement, all can be familiar with, 'I can't go for a walk', and Michele loses her train of thought and falls back into trance mode. She has no reply, or any further remark as to walking besides the statement that she doesn't walk and can't relate to that statement because she doesn't walk. They begin to banter about walking. And use the subject, trigger word 'walk' over and over again. As if as long as they continue to mention the trigger word over and over, they are on the same page, on the same set of instruction. They sound mechanical in their speech patterns. As if repetition is comforting. A main brainwashing technique is repetition.

This is as strange as it gets. You got these people that say they are normal people like everybody else. Is that being humble or a distraction? These people speak in a vague manner, with lots of pauses, repetitions, no real defined, passionate course of action or imaginative responses of a vision besides inducing trance like effects on viewers. We all expect him to believe he is the one. What kind of shit is that? I'm the one. We are all individuals, independent thinkers. He on the other hand, tries to make himself sound normal and like everybody else, but why would he have to get a hair cut in an undisclosed location? That's not normal. If he was normal like all the rest of us, no one would care about him, he would be normal like everybody else, no big deal. He knows he is not normal, he has been instructed by many people behind closed doors what to say, taught all kinds of jedi mind tricks to keep people at bay. Think nothing of his statements, just follow along and let me hypontize you. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.

I ain't falling asleep on this one. No one is gonna pull the wool over my eyes. Pay attention to these peoples actions and see the patterns of speech they employ. There is a lot of repetition going on there. Lots of facades of what 'normalcy' is. He claims to be normal, but has no profound imagination. Thus he has no inclining as to heal the world. He seems to be in a position of power to keep the fledgling American's under the tight rule of Big Government, like a spiritual leader with no spiritual powers, telling people he is the one, like Sai Baba.

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