30 December 2008

63% of People Out of 2,462 Think a Nuclear Event for 2009

Check out the latest poll on http://www.infowars.com/

A Pravda editorial theorizes that the U.S. elite will stage a nuclear attack in order to impose a dictatorship. Do you believe there will be such an event in 2009?

Yes (63%, 1,550 Votes)
No (37%, 912 Votes)

I voted No, that too extreme of a situation. But, if it did happen, you should assume the shadow govt has something to do with this. I think a biological attack would be far worse and maybe the ruthless tactic of the globalists.

I find it strange that so many people are worried about a nuclear attack. Who possibly hates you that much, to bomb you unsuspectingly? Either way you look at, some powerful elitists are the ones provoking such atrocities. We are always merely the fodder of battle while elite bankers and psyops war generals sit in comfort in a castle somewhere having incest orgies, and other psychotic dreamworlds.

Sad but True.

Hopefully, there is no such attack. The threat is diabolical, sinister enough. You never know with these sadistic rulers. How do you kick them out of office? First by kicking them out of your mind.

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