15 December 2008

A Take on Social Media

This was written by me, on this website: http://www.brentcsutoras.com/2008/12/15/social-media-plain-english/#comment-1440

Besides the technical aspects of social media. The impact upon the consciousness of the individual, and how those individuals function in society are also poignant to the definition of this.

On one hand social media is positive in many ways, but there are darker, more sinister aspects to it as well. Perverts, stalking, identity theft, are among just a few of the growing trends of social media underworlds.

Also, it is not known if the ‘big brother’ is amassing databases of your online activities. It is known that there are demographics that try to predict market trends, but the military intelligence agencies are probably heavily involved with social media research.

So this is a good question, what is social media? On one hand it seems benevolent, but on the other, it may seem to be a breeding ground for information divulging. Where people are becoming more and more uninhibited in what they can announce over this network, causing all kinds of personal psychic self assumptions, most notably, a culture of children that are becoming what I would say, more self absorbed, self centered, self serving, selfish, egotistical persons, that are using the social media to advertise their shallow, superficial traits, rather than developing, and expanding their consciousness with wisdom and intellect. Instead you see a carnal trend on the internet.

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