11 December 2008

The Youth, Adult and Social-Media Technology

The camera, from the first pictures to digital photo taking, mixed with file sharing, and networking, has altered the perceptions of age in modern human.

The NSA are at the gates of Heaven, when you die, the record on file of all your online activity and credit/debit transactions will be on hard drives of hundreds of terabytes of your history in the system. I can only imagine the amount of terabytes of information the NSA keeps on file of your use of the internet in a secret network database. Information such as every website you visited, details within that, how long you spent on the site, the links you click on, probably store all the cookies and passwords on your browser to their system to recreate your exact performance.

The ultimate goal of man is to find the perfect companion.

Besides the cell phone, the digital consumer grade camera, has had one of the most profound impacts on the sociocultural influences on modern man.

The camera is a superficial instrument that has the ability to capture in varying grades of clarity, the most accurate reproductions of actual witnessed phenomenon.

Never has the ability of most men, to witness their lifetime before their very eyes easily.

A person can for example, upload photographs of himself over decades of time, and one can flip through them leisurely compared to the lifetime of experience taken to travel from moment to moment being captured at any one instant point in time consecutively during that time frame.

Youth has never been a prevalent aspect of the growing consciousness of modern man.

A person is able to see himself consciously stored for himself to see, including many others, even anonymously to view the photographs.

Adults want to feel like a youth, and the youth identify themselves with adult qualities. Sometimes without having the perspective of maturity, instead based on the physical attributes of a person.

This affects the self image of a person's ego complex.

A strength of reason is needed to face the sociological standards of youth and beauty.

More and more persons are becoming anxious of their appearance on a more frequent basis than ever before.

A person having a scope to study themselves outwardly will inevitably have impact in their interpersonal make up. just as make up is applied topically, the make up of ones psychic life will have to cope with the new media technology.

Currently youth is the most prized of human characteristics. However, most consider youth to be a naive, immature, physical trait. Youth though physical, the attractiveness of personality is based on the timeless quality of an individual, rather than over compensation of outward identifying, materialistic things, but an internal fountain of timelessness.

With all the psychic bombardment of the new and adjusting internet, media sharing of individual experiences, people put themselves up for scrutiny, praise, and above all attention to the public world.

Sooner or later, it is most likely that what a person does online will reflect the life that the person is living, and like a movie that you watch in heaven when your life is flashing through your eyes as you say good bye to this existence, in the upload of a web page on a standard internet computer, one has at his disposal his selected media documented lifestyle online.

The repercussions of higher self awareness has not taken full esteem to many individuals, especially the immature, or the daring.

Today I can't list the entire spectrum of human activity that is impacted by the social media we perceive, but I am sure that this has many direct connections to our psychic awareness of life.

Youth wants to be independent and free, to the point of immaturity, while the adult wants to be like what the youth look like, and that would be immature.

This is probably a sexual preference if anything.It has less to do with substance of character, but more with desiring often unattainable sexual attractive characteristics of the common person.

People desires are perverted by the standards set forth by the politically engineered media, then express their derangement over a 6 degrees of separation internet, for many other individuals to take in.

What are we becoming? Right now I think we should be weary of the youth. Teach the youth well, because the youth are eager to approach mastery and skill, yet, when lacking sufficient training and expertise of a qualified role model, a person can defect to shallow impulses, a world of psychic abandonment. Life is suffering, it is up to a person to regulate the psychic trauma of suffering, this is mastery, maturity.

People will watch themselves grow up online.

By uploading your pix you are going to demonstrate your transfiguration's of not only topical performance, most of all, your psychic perception of the moment. there is no video tape long enough to record every moment of your life, but it comes close, and you could be sure that the NSA has a record of your every online move.

Even with the presence of this outward perceiving media, a all seeing God like presence, it is within the individual that wisdom, self evaluation, introspection will be vital to the expansion of consciousness to become more in harmony with the Way.

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