30 December 2008

God and the Not Being

In the philosophies of the ancient Orient, like the Tao and Chinese Buddhism, and something I could agree on based upon personal experience, sort of like a shamanistic spiritual possession I came under once, that forever changed my perceptions of life, they never talk about GOD. Buddhism doesn't have a God, nor does the Tao. They have consciousness.

I use God as a name I take in vein. I don't use it to represent the power of the universe of spiritual and material phenomenon.

In those Eastern traditions, they say that the Tao is formless, nameless, but never dry, always consistent the same, unchanging, peace of mind. Its a bottomless well which can never be drained. Its a forever void.

They say the moment you try to name it, or call it something, you lose its fathom. You get further away from the truth, which is that it can not be labeled. Its a thing you have to experience in order to comprehend.

When some one calls it all knowing, like they call God as all knowing, in the East that would refer to all knowing of the self, how this all knowing state is in total realization of its actions, and thoughts to the point where there is no thought because all knowing loses the desire to desire.

Nothingness is infinite.

You can not call Nirvana- God.

God is more of a Christian defined word, and applying the notion of that to Nirvana, the highest state of mind in Buddhism, is not applicable, although, the Christian definition of God would be the state of Nirvana. Although, the Christian Mystics were more apt to the truth, the definitions have been skewed and mangled over all this time, that God is a laudable term to define what was meant by them.

I think, inside your brain, in your DNA, is your true self, or who your biological make up was designed for, based on spiritual, cosmic sensory inclinations. I say cosmic because it seems that your DNA is influenced by past Karma of the world. As if your past life transference of karma, is brought into you present being to take shape and manifest itself in the world, as an antidote for your life time. You are meant to be your true self for the harmony of existence. Karma, whether you look at in on historical influence, or spiritual manifestations, like unseen undercurrents in the ocean of your mind, are simply put, you are what you eat. However, one can assume that in the mostly negative karma that has been transferring and overlapping, that the spiritual undertow of consciousness, brings about its own psychic healers into the world, like a breathe of insight into some persons beings, to influence for the positive, through the persons actions and statements, to bring humanity into a more harmonious state.

Harmony is living within the parallels of existence, to avoid disharmony. Disharmony would be the repression of individual potential to live in accordance with harmony of the 'Way'. Individual potential is self actualization, and abiding by those findings, and carrying out those results to the best of your given ability in order to maintain the Way.

In an mystical experience which profoundly changed my life, an incredible psychedelic journey through the mind, was narrated by an intelligence that already knew what I was meant to be, and basically encouraged me to be me, an artist, to follow your obvious nature and fulfill that experience because if I don't I would not be doing justice in this reality or the spiritual one. I would be letting down, or repressing what this life was allowing for me to reach. It would be like a flower seed, that did not want to blossom because it was not sure if it should or not, and thus would not reach its full potential.

Time was of great importance. There is no time to waste. You have to be your highest potential now. There is definitely a sense of battle between your high potential and the world that resists it. You are brought up in a resistant world, a world that resists itself based upon the outside influences, like instructions brainwashed into you from the outset of your life in these cultures controlled by spiritually corrupted mad men whose goal is to preserve themselves above all else.

There was no mission instructions given to me from this experience, however, I have let it be my mission to work within the faculties of the mind, for they are the most important to any circumstance you are faced with.

What I most enjoy about Ancient Eastern thought is that it is more of a psychological introspection into your actions rather than a stressed, chaotic, confused mentality. I know, I can always look within myself to seek 'change'. I alone, am responsible for undesired actions. And if I so happen to have undesired actions, it will be my own mind to deal with the negative karma trauma, but I should always seek to minimize the extent of my negative impact on affairs so as to not bring my actions into the realm of public trial, essentially meaning I never want to be charged with murder, etc.

So the names given to the states of consciousness that resemble profound, higher, peaceful ways of thinking can be found within your mind, not in heaven, or any other superstitious thinking. They cannot be described in full detail with words and have to be experienced for the self to comprehend. You can reach these states of experience through conversation, trauma, prolonged meditation, research, or in some persons, the use of psychedelic substances, although from my experience, nirvana looks black, no shapes, no forms, just like a black ink well or peace that will never run out of ink to paint with. The present moment is your palette of your existence.

just some thoughts....

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