08 December 2008

MK-Ultra, 2009 acrylic on panel

My next project is going to be a painting on the covert mind and behavioral experiments conducted by the CIA starting in 1947, using the famed truth syrum, LSD, electro shock therapy, brainwashing, depatterning of the brain, hypnosis, double agents, sex slaves, trauma bonding, radiation exposure, assassins with no recollection of their deed, manchurian candidates, electro frequencies to alter mood, cleaning the brain out of all information, and so much more inhumane experiments all in the name of national security.

MK-Ultra is an umbrella term for many top secret experiments to control the mind, and behaviors of individuals. I think, and others too it can be assumed, that from these studies of the human central nervous system and psychology, that our current social order, of teeny bopper tv, pop culture, mainstream politics, and all other forms of social control propagated through almost every facet of media pumped from the huge corporate entities, to make you buy their view of reality.

In this painting I'm going to illustrate sequences of experiments, and write a caption to them. The center of the painting will be an iconic illustration of an anterior cross section of the human brain, possibly with spinal cord attached.

At the bottom of the spinal cord is going to be a conglomerate of pop culture, brain washing propaganda, that all stems from the research done in MK Ultra umbrella projects.

The borders of the painting will be surrounded by portraits of key scientists with a blurb about what kind of work they done, juxtaposed with CIA leaflets.

Currently I am refreshing my memory on this subject that has interested me for over a year. I feel that his piece will be very important and imminent to these trying times. I plan to start painting at the turn of the new year and work on it diligently for 6-8 weeks. The piece will be 24x36in, painted in acrylic with little brushes, #0-4 liners.

This entire month of December is going to be spent researching MK Ultra. I don't have time to read many of the books written on the subject, but I will be getting my information from articles and videos found online. So far so good.

I like this process better than many other of my projects that where I paint and research at the same time. I'm taking a lot of notes and using the snipping tool to capture information from websites. I constructed the template of the composition, layout of the piece. I want to start painting, but am going to hold out and focus on research and blogging, among other things I always wanted to know but never had the time to focus on.

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